Stars of Moscow’s famed Bolshoi Theater- ‘We are a

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Stars of Moscow’s famed Bolshoi Theater: ‘We are ambassadors of peace’ - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Music has become unforeseen collateral damage as Russian forces have rampaged through our southern neighbor. Concerts have been cancelled and jobs lost. The iconic soprano, Anna Netrebko, suspended her musical career and conductor Valery Gergiev was asked to leave the Munich Philarmonic due to the recent geopolitical situation.

Tugan Sokhiev, another internationally recognized conductor, was compelled to resign as musical director and chief conductor of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater. Forced to make an impossible choice, he also had to step down as musical director of the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse.

“I was faced with an impossible choice,” Sokhiev said. OvernightThe resumption of Sunday, the artists’ self-denying service to the audience was forgotten as the words ‘Russia’ and ‘Russian’ have become toxic across most of the globe.

“We should separate art and politics,” the Bolshoi stars urge. “Musicians are ambassadors of peace,” added Sokhiev. “Instead of using them and their music to unite nations and people, in Europe, they are trying to divide and ostracize (Russian) artists.”

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