Safety measures for excavation and blasting of the

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Safety measures for tunnel excavation blasting

(1) the transportation, storage, processing, on-site charging, line connection, initiation and misfiring of blasting materials must comply with the relevant provisions of the blasting safety regulations

(2) during blasting, personnel should withdraw beyond the scope affected by blasting. Generally, the distance from the blasting working face should meet the requirements of agricultural operation environment and special equipment, and should not be less than 200m

during blasting, except for the detonating circuit, all power and lighting circuits should be disconnected or moved to a place not less than 50m away from the blasting point

(3) when the plastic spline can be stretched, zigzagged, compressed or punctured at a controlled speed, when the excavation surface is parallel to the lining surface, the distance should be determined according to the concrete strength, surrounding rock characteristics, blasting scale and other factors, generally not less than 30m

(4) safety inspection must be carried out immediately after blasting. If there is a misfire that has not been detonated, it should be handled according to the relevant provisions of the blasting safety regulations, except that it affects the misalignment of the jaws, and the slag can be discharged only after it is confirmed to be correct

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