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Safety measures for anti explosion formwork in the construction of metal assembly formwork on the inner wall of vertical shaft

in the construction of vertical shaft, the quality of inner shaft wall is one of the main influencing factors of mine safety for a hundred years. Considering the quality, speed, cost and operability, at present, the construction method of metal combined formwork with auxiliary plate is basically adopted in the construction of the inner wall of the shaft sleeve in China. Due to the existence of auxiliary panels, this method has led to the fact that three-dimensional parallel operations were carried out in April this year, thus increasing the difficulty of construction and safety management. In recent years, there have been many major accidents in this construction method in the Huaihe River and Huaihe River regions, of which the formwork explosion accident is the most harmful. Therefore, preventing formwork explosion accidents has become an important part of safety work in the process of shaft construction. Next, based on long-term production practice, this paper analyzes the causes of mold explosion accidents, and then puts forward corresponding preventive measures

1 introduction to the construction method of assembling formwork for the inner wall of vertical shaft

the construction method of building the inner wall with assembled formwork in the construction of the inner wall of vertical shaft is that the arc length of each section of the metal assembled formwork is 1 • 0~1 • 2m, the height is 1 • 0~1 • 2m, and the formwork is connected by bolts; In addition, a layer of auxiliary hanging plate is added as the formwork removal plate, and its position is determined according to the total height of formwork erection; The auxiliary disc is suspended on the lower disc of the hanging disc by four to six steel ropes; The upper wall is used to bind reinforcement, the lower wall is used to erect formwork and pour concrete, and the masonry construction is continuous from bottom to top; Bottom discharge bucket or ash chute shall be used for blanking

2 identification of main hazardous and harmful factors in shaft construction

there are many adverse supports in shaft construction. 5. Force measuring range: 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N, 5000n. The frame can be designed to provide physical factors for cells. For example: (1) due to the existence of three-dimensional parallel operation, it may be due to poor coordination of construction organization, up and down interaction and interference, which increases the possibility of accidents. (2

labor intensity is high. Binding reinforcement, formwork erection and taxation of lead-acid batteries, formwork removal and hook removal are all manual continuous operations, with a low degree of mechanization and prone to accidents. (3) the working environment is poor. Pouring and vibration not only produce noise, but also cause a large number of splashes of cement slurry, hydration heat, difficult ventilation, narrow operation site, etc., resulting in air pollution in the construction site, which seriously affects the hearing and vision of construction personnel

the above adverse factors increase the risk of accidents. In addition to falling objects, falling accidents and lifting accidents, mold explosion accidents may also occur. Mold explosion is the most harmful accident. Formwork blasting not only affects the construction progress, but also brings economic losses, which may cause major casualties. Therefore, in the process of assembling formwork on the inner wall of shaft, it is very important to prevent formwork explosion accidents

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