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Safety measures for substation construction

in order to ensure the safety of train operation, equipment and personnel, the following safety measures are specially formulated after the field survey of Dalian Shenyang construction section of Harbin Dalian passenger dedicated line and in combination with the actual situation of the construction process:

I. General requirements

take "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment" as the guiding principle and adhere to the guiding ideology of "treating the root cause strictly and winning on the basis"

focus on ensuring construction safety, take the safety standard construction site as the carrier, implement the level by level responsibility system for safety production, improve various rules and regulations, strengthen management, control and eliminate inertial accidents in electrochemical construction, and achieve the safety objectives of the project

II. General provisions

1. Carefully study and implement the notice and order on safety production issued by the Ministry of Railways and the decision of Shenyang Railway Bureau on ensuring safety production, improve the understanding of the importance of safety, and firmly establish the idea of safety first

2. The leadership level by level responsibility system shall be implemented for safety production. The party, government, industry, Youth League and relevant departments shall put safety production work on the important agenda. Safety must be paid attention to first in production. Safety must be put in the first place while paying attention to production, and the "three implementation" of safety, production and organization must be done well

3. All operation teams of the project department should do a good job of safety production publicity and education in a planned and purposeful way in combination with the actual situation and production tasks of the unit, and should often carry out various forms of safety production activities. Adhere to the system that the team has ten day inspection, the class has daily inspection, half month analysis and month end summary during the experiment, and the weekly safety technology learning of the construction team should not be less than 2 hours

4. All workers participating in the construction must receive safety technology education, implement the principle of training before taking the post, be familiar with and abide by safety measures, and regularly take safety examinations and take posts with certificates

5. Strengthen the education of organization and discipline, strictly enforce various rules and regulations, mobilize the masses to thoroughly overcome the phenomena of disobeying rules, acting recklessly against rules and regulations, and commanding against rules, so that everyone does not violate rules, and cadres, Party members, and League members themselves do not violate rules; Everyone is against rules and regulations, and there are no accidents around, so as to eliminate accidents above vehicle insurance and serious personal injury accidents, and put an end to the occurrence of general accidents

6. Implement the economic system, strictly enforce the reward and punishment system, and make clear the rewards and punishments. Praise and reward the collectives and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in safety production, and seriously deal with those who violate rules and disciplines and cause accidents, until they are investigated for the law

III. preparation before leaving work

1. All construction personnel entering the construction site must wear work clothes and safety helmets, and must not wear spiked shoes, high heels, slippers or bare feet

2. The work ticket system must be strictly implemented in the construction of power transformation

3. For relatively simple ground work (such as pillar soil cultivation, fixed point, pit depth, gauge measurement, and horizontal line drawing), a work ticket may not be issued, but the foreman should explain the operation time, location, content, safety measures, etc. when assigning tasks to the person in charge, and the operation contents should be recorded in the work log

4. The team leader and technicians should make technical disclosure when assigning tasks, and put forward corresponding safety measures and precautions

5. When the foreman arranges all the work of the day to the whole class, he should explain the individual safety measures and operation procedures, and the operation plan, and assign a special person to check whether the required safety tools, installation tools and materials are in good condition, and it is strictly forbidden to use unqualified tools and materials

6. For the distribution of warehouse materials, the materials distributed should be carefully checked to prevent unqualified materials from leaving the warehouse. The picking person shall check the quality of spare parts while counting the quantity, and the unqualified materials and accessories shall be replaced in time

IV. construction protection

1, driving protection

1). The driving protection personnel must be trained, and can only take the protection work after passing the examination. All protective appliances and spare parts must be complete and intact

2). For construction in sections that hinder train operation, contact the station attendant and make records, and assign a special person to protect according to the regulations, otherwise the operation shall not be carried out

3). The protection personnel should concentrate, stick to their posts, concentrate, correctly set and display protection signals, and carefully look out. It is not allowed to do other work and speculate about driving. The setting and removal of protective signals should follow the orders of the work leader and make call records as required

4). Pay attention to maintain the protection distance at all times. The station is 50 meters at both ends of the operation point, and the section is set according to the train speed standard specified in the railway technical regulations. During the construction of single track section, the position of protective personnel should be on the left side of the incoming direction; During the construction of double track section, the position of protective personnel should be at the side of the field. No one is allowed to stand between the two lines and in the center of the road; In sections with poor vision or in fog, rain, snow and other weather, additional signal transmitters should be added, and the call response should be achieved

5). The station protection personnel and the section operation team should always keep in touch with each other. Chatting and doing things unrelated to work are strictly prohibited in the protection. When the communication is interrupted, the operation team shall stop the operation in time and withdraw from the site. The operation can only be carried out after the communication is restored

6). The blocking order should be carefully confirmed during the interval blocking and opening, and speculation is strictly prohibited

7). It is necessary to have an overall concept, reasonably organize, make overall arrangements, make full use of the blocking time, ensure the opening on time, achieve full use, do not exceed the point, and ensure that the construction and driving are correct

v. operation in special environment

1. Cold proof measures for mechanical equipment

a. small coal-fired boilers are used for heavy rail cars, and 22G oil (kerosene) heating furnaces are used for rail cars (the drivers and assistants who use these two furnaces should be trained and operate and use them in strict accordance with the instructions)

b. trucks should be equipped with cold shelters and anti-skid chains

c. add antifreeze to water-cooled mechanical equipment. If the vehicle does not add antifreeze, the cooling water should be drained when the vehicle is collected at night; During daytime operation, if the parking interval is long, start the vehicle in the middle to prevent the cylinder block from cracking. All mechanical equipment shall be replaced with lubricating oil before winter, and winter fuel shall be used

e, before entering winter, 7 Adopt the full digital, 3-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm to check and supplement the battery once. Each rail car set is equipped with a pair of spare batteries; Each living and working point shall be equipped with a car spare battery, and the car cold cover shall be equipped according to the actual situation (smooth oil, butter and a little oil mixing)

f. Check the fire extinguishers equipped on the mechanical equipment on schedule, replace the expired ones in time, supplement the missing ones as soon as possible, and do a good job in fire prevention of the equipment

g. All heating furnaces should be inspected and accepted uniformly, and can be used only after passing the inspection, so as to prevent gas poisoning

2. Use and maintenance of equipment in winter

a. all assistant staff should firmly establish the idea of safety first, carefully study the knowledge of safe use and maintenance of mechanical equipment in cold areas, improve their professional skills, and lay a good foundation for safe driving

b. The rail operation vehicles should be started at night to ensure the vehicle temperature. The construction vehicles should be preheated in advance to ensure that they will not be late or late

c. Shake the car before starting it, and then start it. All kinds of equipment are strictly forbidden to cold the car and increase the throttle. Insist on starting at a low gear, and shift to a higher gear after running a certain distance at each gear

d. strictly follow the operating procedures and operation procedures, check and maintain the equipment frequently, ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition, and fully improve the utilization rate

E. cars should be cautious when driving on ice and snow roads, which will also usher in a high increase in shopping malls. Stick to medium speed driving, take measures to increase the amount of advance, and wear anti-skid chains

f. When getting on and off the vehicle or crossing the line, the rail car and crane drivers, assistants and repairmen should pay attention to anti-skid and passing vehicles, and do a good job in self safety protection

3. On site construction in winter

1). When winter comes, the equipment center and all operation teams should do a good job of cold prevention and warmth preservation, and all units must formulate corresponding safety measures

2). Labor protection articles in winter must be distributed on schedule. Before leaving the work, each team should assign a special person to check to ensure that employees are warm during construction and avoid adverse accidents

3). Operators on and near the line should pay attention to anti-skid. Foundation pit protection measures must be taken for the excavation of foundation pit. Frozen soil blocks must be broken during backfilling. Ice and snow blocks must not be mixed in the backfill. The backfill should be evenly compacted

4). Fire prevention, gas poisoning and electric shock prevention should be strengthened in winter. And formulate corresponding measures and assign special personnel to be responsible for inspection

5). After entering winter, the foundation pouring construction should be stopped. If the foundation needs to be poured in winter due to special conditions such as construction period, the construction must be carried out in strict accordance with the winter construction method in the construction specification and relevant regulations and requirements

VI. according to the on-site use of power transformation and general machinery, to ensure the operation safety of operators, the safety management of special operations and general machinery operation is further refined, and the safety measures and operating procedures are formulated as follows:

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