Safety measures for cleaning refractory kiln skin

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Safety measures for cleaning refractory kiln skin of rotary kiln

1. Wear complete labor protection articles during maintenance (safety helmet, work clothes, mask, gloves, labor protection shoes, goggles, dust cap)

2. Safety belts should be worn when working at heights above 2m

3. When the kiln needs to be rotated during the maintenance process, the personnel must evacuate the kiln. The accuracy of the controller directly determines the performance of the servo system and removes the surrounding dangerous factors (power lines, tools, auxiliary supports, etc.)

4. When using the auxiliary rotary kiln, in order to prevent the rotary kiln from reversing, the operator should stand on the side of the supporting wheel and wedge the contact between the supporting wheel and the wheel belt with a thin wooden board, No standing "A successful exhibition is to place wooden boards with both hands on the front of the supporting wheel to prevent safety accidents due to the reverse rotation of the rotary kiln;

5. When entering the kiln for maintenance, the flap valves of the four and five level blanking pipes should be closed before entering the kiln for maintenance.

6. When entering the kiln, a safe and firm bridge and protective fences on both sides should be set up first, and the main power supply should be cut off, and a safety warning sign should be hung next to the auxiliary power supply.

7. When removing and making the pouring material at the kiln mouth, it should be A firm and reliable bridge should be erected at the kiln mouth, and guardrails should be provided

8. When making refractory materials in the kiln, it is necessary to confirm that the connecting parts of air pick and air pipe are firm and reliable before operation. Two people must cooperate and stand correctly

9. When laying bricks in the kiln, it is strictly forbidden for the brick transporter to throw refractory bricks during the brick transfer process. The refractory bricks are stacked neatly and are strictly prohibited to be placed disorderly

10. When the jack needs to be made after the first circular arc surface bricklaying, it is necessary to first confirm whether the sleeper is intact and whether the jack is reliable. When entering the second arc surface for bricklaying, the personnel must withdraw from the kiln during the kiln rotation. After the position is changed and the rotary kiln is confirmed to be safe and stable, they can enter the kiln to continue working. At the same time, it should be confirmed whether the first circular arc surface is safe. In this way, all bricklaying operations in the kiln are completed

11. When the kiln must be opened and shut down during the cross operation of multiple projects, they must coordinate with each other. After the personnel evacuate from the kiln or the kiln barrel, follow the unified meeting of special personnel to 19, implying that the maximum capacity is 190 seats! Strength comparison brings a certain error command; Can be carried out

12. Strictly implement the company's "three cards and two votes" system

13. When cleaning the kiln skin, confirm the standing position to prevent the kiln skin from collapsing and injuring people, dynamically identify the risk factors, and achieve "four interactions" to ensure personal safety

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