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China's printer market is expected to continue to grow in 2011

looking back from 2006 to 2010, China's printer market was really ups and downs, and the continuous emergence of new turning points and inflection points brought us a surprise, and now the market is quite mature. Count the time and road. How was yesterday? Where will the Chinese printer market go tomorrow

in 2006, the multifunctional all-in-one machine in China's printer market became a new growth point

with the continuous decline of product prices, users will become more rational when purchasing office peripherals. Price is no longer the most important standard, and functional diversification has become one of the important indicators to measure products. In 2006, the most important turning point in China's printer market was that the all-in-one machine brought new growth points to the industry. According to the data of a market research institution, in the third quarter of 2006, the market shipment of all-in-one machines in China was 580000 units, with a month on month increase of 3.4% and a year-on-year increase of 51.3%, of which laser all-in-one machines increased the most

inkjet products began to enter the home as soon as they came into good contact.

as impressive as the popularity of multi-function products, inkjet all-in-one products began to enter the home in 2006. As PCs and digital cameras can also be used to quickly adjust the experimental space products when empty, and the products are widely used in families, the demand of family users for document printing, copying, photo printing, scanning and fax is increasing. Therefore, after the gap between the price and single function products is narrowed and the price of consumables is reduced, inkjet all-in-one products begin to enter families

major manufacturers have shifted their strategic focus to the multi-function all-in-one machine market

the hot market is the easiest to attract the attention of manufacturers. Therefore, Lenovo, Epson, Samsung and other manufacturers successively launched inkjet all-in-one machine products with a price of less than 1000 yuan in the third quarter of 2006, joining the increasingly competitive low-end all-in-one machine market

in 2007, the shipment of laser printers in China's printer market exceeded that of inkjet printers for the first time.

in 2007, the overall printer market in China did not change much, in which the shipment increased by 9.6%, and the sales increased by 17.6%, and the overall performance was in line with the standard

the most impressive thing about China's printer market in 2007 was that the shipment of laser printers exceeded that of ink-jet printers for the first time. Therefore, laser printers replaced the market of ink-jet printers, and have a congenital restriction on the processing of plate materials, becoming the main product of China's printing peripheral market. In recent years, inkjet printers have been the absolute main force in China's printing peripheral market. However, as the price continues to decline, laser printers are gradually accepted by the majority of commercial customers, the market sales continue to grow, and the market share of inkjet printers has shown an obvious downward trend

the eve of the storm in China's printer market in 2008 was so quiet.

in 2008, China's printer market continued to grow steadily, and on the whole, there were not much bright spots and changes. It was as quiet as the eve of the storm in the novel. It was hard to believe that the financial tsunami would sweep the world, and China's printer market would also encounter a cold wave

the test of China's printer market in 2009

since the beginning of 2009, under the influence of the financial crisis, the purchasing power of printing peripheral products has decreased significantly, and the overall market is undergoing a severe test. According to the data of a research institution, China's print peripheral market continued to be depressed in the first three quarters of 2009, and the market shipment has been lower than that in the first three quarters of 2008 year-on-year. Only in the fourth quarter, the market supply and demand rebounded, and the year-on-year and month on month growth of shipment reached 31.4% and 17.4% respectively, which led to a small increase in the overall print peripheral market in China in 2009, with the shipment of about 9.88 million units, up 2.0% compared with 2008. In the severe economic situation, users are more inclined to buy all kinds of printing products with low prices, and manufacturers have also carried out various price reduction and promotion activities to promote sales. Therefore, the overall market sales of printing peripherals decreased by 3.6% compared with 2008

commercial inkjet products are in fierce competition with laser printing products

Epson and HP, the major manufacturers of inkjet printing products, clearly put forward the concept of commercial inkjet in 2009, and launched a series of inkjet products for small and medium-sized enterprises and other business users, including printers and all-in-one machines. In terms of products, in order to meet the needs of office users, this type of inkjet products have greatly improved their output speed, and are no inferior to ordinary laser printers. In addition, compared with laser printers, color output has also become a strong competitive advantage for commercial spray products

in the first half of 2010, the recovery of the overall economic environment has brought a great boost to the recovery of China's printing peripheral market demand. Compared with 2009, channel sales and industry sales in the printer market have shown a sharp rebound trend. Major manufacturers also invested more energy and funds to promote sales in 2010, so the Chinese print peripheral market grew rapidly in 2010. According to the statistics of a market research institution, the overall shipment of China's printing peripheral market in 2010 was about 13.06 million units. Compared with 2009, the overall shipment increased by 31.7% and the sales increased by 26.8% year-on-year. China's printer market finally cleared the clouds and saw the sky

the shipment of low-end products increased strongly

since the beginning of 2009, the purchasing power of print peripheral products has decreased significantly under the influence of the financial crisis. Even if enterprises or individuals make purchases, their budget expenditures are significantly reduced. In 2010, both inkjet products and laser products, low-end and low-cost models maintained good market demand, and sales rebounded significantly

industrial projects drive the growth of the printer market

in order to cope with the impact of the economic crisis, the government has invested a lot of funds in infrastructure, manufacturing and other industries to drive economic growth. Procurement from the government, finance, telecommunications and other industries has played an important role in promoting the sales of laser products. Government procurement and the procurement of projects in various industries have effectively ensured the steady growth of the print peripheral market in 2010

manufacturers strengthen channel management and expansion

in the print peripheral market in the first half of 2010, major manufacturers have paid more attention to channel management and expansion, strengthened channel management, ensured channel interests to a greater extent, and then developed stably, so as to achieve a win-win situation for manufacturers and channels. In addition, in the first half of 2010, many new channels were expanded, especially in tier cities. Most manufacturers have added new channels, which has well driven the growth of this part of the market

the Chinese printer market is expected to continue to grow in 2011

the first quarter of 2011 has passed, and the overall Chinese printer market still maintains a high growth trend. All brands also actively participate in market competition and continue to introduce their own characteristics to attract market attention. HP's cloud printing, Samsung's wireless printing and Epson's black-and-white inkjet have all brought vitality to the printer market, and characteristics have made brands. It is expected that in 2011, all brands in China's printer market will give full play to their strengths


reviewing the development of the printer market in recent years, we can see that although it has been bumpy all the way, the great potential of China's printer market is undeniable. It is expected that in the next year ● electrical system: in terms of shipments and sales, it is difficult for the market in 2011 to continue the glory of 2010 and maintain high-speed growth, but should be stable growth. The differentiation of various brands will bring more unknowns to the market, and a series of keywords such as wireless, low price and technological progress will bring more changes to the market

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