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The word "trendy" in printing in 2010

3D newspaper

for China's newspaper industry, 3D is the most trendy word in 2010. Belgium's last o'clock newspaper published the first 3D newspaper in Europe on March 9. This novel publishing mode inspired Chinese journalists. Since the launch of China's first 3D newspaper by Hubei's Shiyan evening news on April 16, more than a dozen urban newspapers in Shandong, Guangdong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Beijing and other places have successively launched 3D special issues, most of which are related to advertising. The prepress processing technology of 3D newspapers has developed from 3D processing of 2D pictures in the early stage to 3D image restoration with two cameras in the late stage. When printing 3D newspapers, it is necessary to ensure that the printer will not actively correct incomplete overprint pictures, because it is the deviation of red and blue pictures that causes the 3D effect

Stone paper

at this year's national two sessions, stone paper made a high-profile appearance and once became a hot spot in media reports. In the context of the global call for energy conservation and emission reduction, stone paper, which is not a new thing, has been labeled with the fashion label of low-carbon emission reduction and green environmental protection, and has entered the vision of the general public. No wood, no water, no three wastes, and degradable utilization. Through the reports of many media, the environmental protection characteristics of stone paper have been amplified. However, some experts said that any product has its own advantages and disadvantages for customers to make design drawings. Stone paper and fiber paper have their own uses, and we should develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses when using them. Stone paper is just a new material, and it will not completely replace fiber paper

fsc certification

FSC certification is the most popular choice for printing and packaging enterprises in 2010. The so-called FSC (Forest Management Committee) certification is to prove that the wood and paper used in products come from sustainable, legal and allowable forest resources. Jielong art printing company, Hunan Tianwen Xinhua printing company and other well-known printing enterprises have launched FSC certification. Tetra Pak China, Mengniu Dairy, SIG Kangmei bag and other packaging giants plan to launch carton packaging with FSC certification marks in the Chinese market. The data shows that more than 150 Chinese printing enterprises have passed FSC certification, mostly in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, but the business volume of using FSC certified paper is still small

stereoscopic books

for printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, printing stereoscopic books is not a new business, but for the domestic book publishing market, stereoscopic books seem to become a development hotspot this year. The first is the change of content. The printing of three-dimensional books exhibited at this year's Book Expo broke the habitual thinking that three-dimensional books are all children's books, infiltrated Chinese elements into them, and opened up new ideas for the content of three-dimensional books. The second is the change of enterprises. The printing of stereoscopic books by enterprises is usually OEM production, only processing without design, while some printing enterprises began to extend the industrial chain and establish their own design departments. Thirdly, the market changes. Stereoscopic books are usually exported overseas, while some printing enterprises look at the domestic market and begin to open bookstores in China

QR code

the train ticket for this spring festival transportation has changed its face, and the long one-dimensional code under the train ticket has become a square two-dimensional code. Two dimensional code technology is a high-tech means of data anti-counterfeiting, carrying and transmission. It has the characteristics of large storage capacity, high confidentiality, high traceability, low cost and so on. This year, this technology is quite popular in Europe and America

QR code has broad application prospects, which brings huge business opportunities to the printing industry. We can compress and convert digital files such as text, sound, pictures and videos into QR codes, keep the surrounding environment clean, and then print the QR codes on publications. Scan the code mark with or other equipment, and the above information will be decoded and played, and can also be linked to a specific page. In addition to publications, any commodity can be attached with QR code labels, containing various production information, which can be entered into public databases to form IOT

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