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Jinan will build a printer town with a target annual output value of 1 billion

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core tip: coordinate Jinan Huaiyin District, more than 40 enterprises intend to settle in, and plan to start production in 2018, with an annual output value of 8-1 billion in the first year...

[China Packaging News] coordinate Jinan Huaiyin District, more than 40 enterprises intend to settle in, It is planned to start production in 2018, with an annual output value of 800-1 billion... On the morning of September 11, at the 2017 China industrial printing environmental protection development forum held at the provincial capital Grand Theater, Shi Qianping, the organizer of the event, Beijing jinhengfeng Technology Co., Ltd. and chairman of Shandong Demai International Industry Co., Ltd., said that the first phase of the Demai International Information Industry Park has been completed and may be put into production after the Spring Festival next year, "In the next 3-5 years, it will become a high salary technology industry ecosystem with the industrial digital printer industry chain as the core."

apart from air and water, there is nothing that cannot be printed

"now the first phase has been capped, and more than 85% of the enterprises we intend to settle in have reached upstream and downstream enterprises of industrial printers, represented by Beijing jinhengfeng." Shi Qianping told that an 8000 square meter industrial printer museum will be built in the Demai International Information Industry Park. At that time, from the oldest movable type printing, to ancient manual dyeing, to traditional VAT printing and dyeing, Until now, the first 9-meter super large aluminum alloy integral ring for a new carrier rocket developed by Southwest Aluminum Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Tianjin special steel precision forging Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed, and the flower machine will be included

in the view of Shi Qianping and his team, there is nothing that cannot be printed except air and water. What people use most is outdoor advertising, car body advertising, textile printing and dyeing. "Now there are many industries using printing technology, such as wallpaper, furniture, toys, sports shoes, ceramic glaze and so on." Based on this huge market that needs to be developed urgently, Shi Qianping chose to build Demai International Information Industrial Park in Huaiyin District of Jinan. "This time, more than 300 entrepreneurs came to the forum, all of them upstream and downstream enterprises of printers. Absorbing them into the industrial park is equivalent to absorbing them into an industrial chain ecosystem." Shi Qianping's ultimate idea is to introduce the entire printing industry into his Industrial Park, realize a sound operation in the park, and make his industrial park a "printer town"

"it will be put into production after the Spring Festival," Shi Qianping said. At that time, Beijing New Hengfeng Technology Co., Ltd., as the leader of Qiaozhu and UV digital inkjet printing in the advertising inkjet printing industry, will take the lead in settling in the industrial park and building an industrial printer industrial base in the park. According to the organizer of the event, the annual output value of Beijing jinhengfeng has reached several hundred million, and nearly 40 "big coffee" enterprises such as Shenzhen xindeheng International Trade Co., Ltd. and Shandong detu advertising media Co., Ltd. also intend to settle in the industrial park and put it into use next year. On this basis, Shi Qianping set the goal of completing 800-10 billion yuan in 2018 for Demai International Information Industry Park, which is not a distant number

water saving and energy saving are also efficient. The "new kinetic energy" in the printing and dyeing industry has made Shi Qianping more confident in his intelligent industrial digital printer industry. In recent years, the national requirements for environmental protection and various actions of Shandong's major projects of "conversion of old and new kinetic energy". The "2017 China industrial printing environmental protection development forum" held on the morning of November 11, with the theme of "environmental protection printing trends", profoundly analyzed the green development of the printing industry

at the forum, Li Yi, vice president of China Textile Machinery Association, delivered a speech and pointed out that China is a big textile country, but traditional printing is still dominant, and its disadvantage is that the plate making process of traditional printing equipment is complex; Chromatic printing is single, there is no three-dimensional sense, and the washing wastewater is seriously polluted. This is not in line with the national "green development" strategy and the market requirements for personalized customization, energy conservation and environmental protection

"the high-speed digital printing machine developed by Jin Hengfeng has a printing speed of 120 square meters/hour at a resolution of 700*1440dpi, which realizes high-efficiency printing under high precision. In addition, digital ink-jet printing also brings a fresh wind of green and environmental protection to textile production, and the waste of dyes is greatly reduced." Li Yi believes that under the current situation that the total output of digital printed fabrics in China only accounts for 3% of the market share, the textile industry urgently needs "gear change and overspeed"

"now, the price of digital printing machine is higher than that of traditional printing equipment, and the ink used is also expensive." Qiang Junyi, deputy general manager of jinhengfeng, believes that the environmental protection and energy-saving level of digital printing machines makes them "value for money", "The traditional large vat printing and dyeing requires a lot of manual touch, and its waste water and waste dyes. The digital printing machine is non-contact printing, which does not need people to touch the dyes. The ink it uses is irradiated by ultraviolet light, or heated and dried, which is several times or even dozens of times more energy-saving than the traditional printing and dyeing with the same empirical calculation formula." Therefore, the future market is still a new driving force for this kind of low energy consumption, high efficiency, popular color and environmental protection of diamond cone

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