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Printed chemical fiber Imitation cotton satin fabric is a new favorite of beauty loving women

chemical fiber Imitation cotton satin is not only a popular fabric with good quality and low price, but also a fabric that ordinary people are happy to enjoy. This autumn, in Keqiao, the north market of China Textile City entered the market with a new face and revitalized. Now the chemical fiber Imitation cotton satin has added printing technology on the basis of the original dyeing, which is refreshing. Importers began to increase, and insiders estimated that their future trend was optimistic

printed chemical fiber cotton like satin is not only an affordable fabric for the extension and expansion of chemical fiber fabrics, but also a new favorite of beautiful women. This fabric is made of 150dpoy silk, satin fleece, woven on air-jet loom, and then processed through preshrinking, shaping, sanding, dyeing, printing and other processes. The width of the cloth is 150cm, and each meter of cloth weighs about 200 grams. The wholesale price in the market is about 10 yuan per meter of cloth. The patterns are colorful and rich, which can be chosen by everyone. It is suitable for making shirts, bathrobes and whether the process inspection and analysis results can make the research object in the subject. The equipment must be grounded to the decorative cloth of sports goods, etc. Because this cloth is good in quality and low in price, it meets the mass consumption level of urban and rural residents. Judging from the recent trend, merchants from Jiangxi, Anhui, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan and other places have successively demanded goods. In addition, they are also exported to the Middle East, Vietnam, Russia and other countries

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