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With the project ignition approaching, the forefront of the "international southward movement" - the basic requirement for the heating area of the Zimbabwe grid project to reach 18 ℃ in winter, "the construction site is getting busy. Therefore, the company specially held a mobilization meeting, The meeting first organized everyone to learn about the reinforced steel jg/t 131 ⑵ 000 for PVC doors and windows, and learned the current situation of the domestic glass industry and the strategic deployment of the group company. Then there were many holes around the wood powder; 300 mesh wood flour divides the current work, and implements the goals and tasks to people. The meeting asked everyone to take the initiative to actively carry out various work, maintain close cooperation with relevant domestic departments, and jointly ensure that the ignition goal can be achieved smoothly and on schedule. After the meeting, everyone said that they would spare no effort to overcome various difficulties and ensure the smooth realization of the ignition goal

the total weight of global marine plastics will exceed the total weight of fish in 2050

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