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Will ovpn technology bring new brilliance to optical networks

1. Introduction

in today's telecommunications market, "improving profitability" has become a major topic from top to bottom among telecom operators around the world. The economic benefits of operators must be realized by reducing existing assets and operating costs, while increasing income and profits to Portland cement and ordinary portland cement GB 175 ⑴ 999. This can be achieved by intelligentizing the existing optical network, making the existing optical transmission more flexible and effective, and supporting more businesses and customers on the same network

optical virtual private (ovpn) enables operators to divide their optical networks into multiple blocks and provide monitoring functions to multiple customers, just as customers have their own optical networks. For the customers of operators, an ovpn looks and feels the same as a real private application. With ovpn, operators can provide wavelength services that are more flexible and multifunctional than previous flat bandwidth services. Customers of operators will have the ability to control their leased optical network resources without having to build their own. The revenue opportunities provided by ovpn and the cost savings brought by the adoption of intelligent optical networks have greatly improved the time for today's operators to achieve profitability. Ovpn's excellent features such as shared economy, flexibility, reliability, security and scalability have made ovpn service the most potential value-added service in intelligent optical networks, providing new profit growth points for operators to further improve their manufacturing technology level and overall strength on the existing networks; Therefore, it is bound to usher in the era of large-scale application of ovpn

performance characteristics of PN

based on the implementation mechanism of ovpn technology, we can see that ovpn has the following functional characteristics:

(1) device segmentation: network entities such as ports, links, timeslots, etc. can be subdivided to different end users. Users do not need to consider the boundaries between each other. For users, ovpn is an independent private network

(2) security and access control: ovpn providers can assign user names and passwords to end users and set permissions, so that end users can view, modify and control their rented network resources

(3) customer Customization: the intelligent control platform automatically finds network resources and services, and saves records in real time. The secure cross operator feature enables intelligent control platforms to share specified resources and topology information, thereby helping users realize automatic end-to-end configuration

(4) maintenance and monitoring: the end user is authorized to maintain the equipment, monitor alarm information, and view historical information (including configuration, alarm, and billing information). The log filtering function of the intelligent control platform enables users to see only the relevant data. Operators can view the security log and view all security related sessions and change information

(5) circuit routing and recovery: according to the configuration requirements of ovpn, the intelligent control platform determines the circuit routing based on the actual use of network resources and pre-defined constraints (such as cost, hops, length and delay). When an end-to-end circuit spans multiple operators, the intelligent control platform of each operator can provide seamless security services. The recovery schemes supported by the system include unprotected, state, priority circuit, etc

(6) service level guarantee: the intelligent control platform can configure alarms. The alarms include the alarms of specific elements, specific ovpn entities and the intelligent control platform itself. Ovpn level alarm support ensures that only authorized users can obtain alarms and event reports related to a specific ovpn. In addition, the intelligent control platform can directly extract the current operation data from the meta in real time, even if these data are stored in devices across operators and manufacturers. In this way, ovpn can provide a complete end-to-end view to help with fault diagnosis and service level assurance

PN service model

ovpn service is based on user interface, and the basic service unit is an optical connection or time division multiplexing (TMD) connection between a pair of user edge devices (CE); To be exact, it is the connection between CE interfaces. The ovpn business model is shown in the figure below. If the CE interface has multiplexing/demultiplexing capability, one user interface can be connected to multiple remote CE interfaces. Multiple channels in the same CE interface share the same characteristic parameters, such as bandwidth, encoding/decoding mode, etc. The channel characteristic parameters in different CE interfaces need not be the same. From the perspective of users, the user side has the following characteristics:

▼ independent address mechanism, that is, in ovpn service, the user's address and routing mode are independent of the operator's network address and routing mode

▼ restricted connection mechanism, that is, only users belonging to the same ovpn network can establish a connection, and users not belonging to this ovpn do not have permission to access

▼ on demand connection mechanism, which can establish a connection between each pair of user interfaces in the same ovpn on demand

▼ flexible control mechanism. The user edge device interface in ovpn can be controlled by one manager or their own managers, and provide them with the ability to monitor and assign the allocated ovpn resources, just like users have their own networks

pn application advantages

ovpn is a kind of dedicated photon. Although it belongs to one or more operators, because operators can divide network resources on the control plane and allocate network resources and their configuration management power to users, users can regard the leased ovpn network as their own private network and have full power to configure, monitor and maintain the network. In this way, there are new opportunities for both operators and customers. It can be seen that the implementation mechanism and functional characteristics of ovpn technology make ovpn have the following advantages in application:

for operators: it can optimize bandwidth utilization on the basis of a large number of customers to reduce operations and costs, it can provide the ability to quickly click to assign ovpn, and it can support this kind of creep limit, which is difficult to accurately determine the safe division of network resources, It can open new markets and create new and profitable business opportunities for operators without adding new hardware equipment. It can be said that the development of ovpn business has created a new cornucopia for operators

for end users: it can quickly allocate appropriate bandwidth between users for connection, provide a variety of protection (linear, circular and lattice) and recovery mechanisms, monitor performance through SLA (service level agreement) and the reports of medical supplies and food packaging provided by lattice, and realize safe customer network self billing; It can safely operate, manage and maintain the network with reduced costs

ovpn service provides a safe and manageable environment, enabling a group of users to make full use of the flexibility of intelligent optical network; It can be used to support a variety of applications, including ISP edge router network, information transmission between service networks, bandwidth leasing business between operators, and storage network for enterprises. Edge devices in ovpn can directly create and delete connections between them through high-level application software, just like in IP virtual private. At the same time, the network can provide automatic discovery mechanism and fixed billing method among the same group of users

ovpn, with its unique functions and application advantages, has become the most potential value-added service of intelligent optical network. It is also the time when it realizes large-scale applications and brings huge profits to operators

the era of PN large-scale application is coming.

for the optical transmission network that network operators want to build, on the one hand, we should maximize the business income of network operators, on the other hand, we should minimize the cost of each manageable bit. According to the available resources of the network, the intelligent optical fiber network can open a virtual private network (ovpn) of the optical network in a few minutes. The shared economy, flexibility, reliability, security and scalability of ovpn make it a win-win option for both operators and users

ovpn service, as the most potential value-added service of intelligent optical network, its broad market application prospect will bring rolling financial resources to operators and become a cornucopia for operators. It is believed that the large-scale application of ovpn is just around the corner. With the arrival of the era of large-scale application of ovpn, ovpn technology will write a brilliant page in the history of optical network development. (end)

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