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The owner pulled wires privately to charge the battery car, and the police persuaded in time to eliminate the potential safety hazards

Chinese Police News: after autumn, the air and dry materials are very prone to fire, and the residential area is densely populated. Some citizens pulled wires privately for their own convenience, but they did not realize that this behavior has brought serious potential safety hazards

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on the evening of August 29, Huahu police station of huangshigang branch of Huangshi Public Security Bureau received an alarm from a community property for help, saying that an owner pulled wires privately downstairs to "steal" public electricity and charge his battery car

after receiving the alarm, the police on duty rushed to the scene. The owner was standing by his battery car, arguing with the property management personnel

the police stopped immediately and understood the situation

"privately pulled wires are 'lying' on the ground, and passing people and vehicles may cause damage to the wires. Especially when the weather is getting cooler, many residents will take their children for a walk in the community after dinner to eat. When children are running and fighting, they trip over the wires and need to be replaced in time. Accidental contact with electricity is very likely." The police popularized science and persuaded the owners in terms of safety. "At the same time, the voltage and power of privately pulled wires and charging points do not necessarily match. Through the introduction of pre molding, high-voltage injection, molding and other processes, the aging report has a higher speed than ordinary wires, which is very easy to short circuit and cause fire accidents."

it is understood that the property has set up a fixed battery car charging point in the community. The owner felt that the charging point was too far away from his home, which made it inconvenient to park and pick up the car, and that the charging standard of the fixed charging point was slightly higher, so he privately pulled a wire, lengthened the charging distance, and bypassed the charging device to charge his battery car

in this regard, the property management personnel said that this "stealing electricity" saves more opportunities for surgery, which will damage the facilities at the fixed charging point. At the same time, it also brings inconvenience to other owners who have charging needs

after the publicity and mediation of the police, the owner finally agreed to reach a settlement with the property, no longer pull wires privately, and assured the police that the battery car would be charged under the condition of ensuring safety

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