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Owens Corning new product report - glass fiber direct twistless roving se1550

Owens Corning company of the United States launched a new type 30 direct twistless roving se1550 at JEC composite Exhibition on March 29, 2011. This is a kind of twistless roving that is compatible with all commonly used thermosetting resin systems and weaving processes. It is made of Advantex E-CR glass fiber with the company's resistance to corrosion while reducing the iron content in molten aluminum. It will be supplied worldwide

relevant people of the company said that se1550 twistless roving is designed for woven, knitted, multi axial fabrics or prepregs with peak value maintenance, automatic shutdown of damage, overcurrent and overload automatic protection functions, which require better fatigue resistance and other properties. Owens Corning's advanced wetting agent and chemical bonding technology make this twistless roving compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin, which is extremely applicable. This technology has been optimized so that when weaving fabrics for a variety of resins, manufacturers can minimize the replacement of production varieties, so as to improve productivity

the fabric woven with se1550 untwisted roving can provide excellent mechanical properties in the main thermosetting resin system, and can retain properties well after contacting with water. These properties are very beneficial to boats, water pipes and other consumer and industrial applications

se 1550 twistless roving also has a variety of processing advantages, such as less wool, less glass waste, so the cleaning workload is small. High quality fabrics can shorten the cycle time, and the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. Improve the resin absorption rate and improve the appearance of products

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