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Ovim: add a safety "hoop curse" to the gas tank

ovim: add a safety "hoop curse" to the gas tank

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- 162 ℃ environment, one-time molding, lifelong repair, such superb technology, is the requirement for liquefied natural gas tanks. On April 19, the Beihai liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal of Sinopec natural gas company, the first LNG terminal in Guangxi and even southwest China, officially entered operation. It is ovim company that provides prestressed special products for this project. Prestressed anchoring system is an important part of the gas storage tank, which is equivalent to the "hoop curse" on the gas storage tank. With it, the gas storage tank can avoid all kinds of safety failures such as cracking, and ovim company is also the only enterprise in China that has entered the prestressed field of LNG gas storage tank at present

Beihai terminal will supply gas to Liuzhou

"natural gas, cooled to about -162 ℃ under normal pressure, can turn into liquid, liquefied natural gas, or LNG for short. The volume of liquid natural gas is about 1/620 of its gaseous volume, so liquefied natural gas is more conducive to long-distance transportation, storage and utilization. It can be said that natural gas is a high-quality, clean and safe energy." On April 22, Jiang Yedong, deputy director of the Anchorage Technology Research Institute of ovim company, introduced the basic situation of natural gas use in China. He is also a senior engineer participating in the North Sea LNG terminal project

Jiang Yedong said that the mode of transportation of liquefied natural gas mainly depends on sea transportation, that is, LNG ships transport LNG to the seaside terminal and store it in gas storage tanks. Generally, a transport ship can transport 300000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas. It is reported that 300000 cubic meters can be used for one month in Shanghai. The annual transfer capacity of Sinopec Beihai LNG terminal phase I is 4billion cubic meters, and Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin and other cities in Guangxi and western Guangdong are the first to benefit

hoop the air storage tank under ultra-low temperature

"in short, ovim made a frame composed of metal and special materials in the concrete structure of the air storage tank. This frame is mainly to apply prestress to the concrete tank structure, restrain the concrete structure in advance, and prevent cracking of the air storage tank." Jiang Yedong said so

"a big challenge for the prestressed engineering of air storage tank is ultra-low temperature." Jiang Yedong introduced that the prestressed frame is "woven" with steel strands. One steel strand can withstand a force of 27.9 tons, and a bundle of 19 strands will withstand a force of more than 500 tons. The steel strand should be grasped by "hand", that is, the prestressed anchorage. Under the ultra-low temperature environment, the conventional anchorage can't anchor so much force at all, and even burst, and the steel is broken into pieces

to this end, ovim has developed clips and anchor plates of special materials, and adopted special structural design, so that clips and anchor plates can firmly grasp the steel strand in the ultra-low temperature environment, so as to ensure the safety and stability of the air storage tank

ten years of sharpening a sword to break the foreign monopoly

"when ovim did not enter the prestress field of LNG gas storage tank, 3. Open the computer software and set up the test samples, this has always been the position of foreign companies. And ovim is also the only company in the country to enter the field of ultra-low temperature prestress." Jiang Yedong said

in 2005, ovim began to pay attention to the development of LNG and decided to enter the prestressed field of LNG. However, the situation was very difficult at that time, and it could be better solved by adopting virtual instrument technology. The domestic industry is in a blank state for this field, and there are basically no industry norms and technical standards

practice has proved that PMMA artificial eye is one of the most ideal methods to repair the appearance of eyeball at present. To enter the prestressed field of LNG gas tank, it is necessary to carry out ultra-low temperature test on it. To this end, ovim, together with a domestic aerospace research institute, has developed a set of ultra-low temperature static load test equipment, which is also China's first ultra-low temperature static load test device. Ovim used to transport liquid nitrogen by machine, but because it volatilized too fast, it could not reach the temperature required by the test. For this reason, ovim improved the test method and changed the sealing of the liquid nitrogen pool. However, the tension pressure sensor of many enterprises does not need to issue a verification certificate. It is a double-layer stainless steel structure, which adopts the method of manual transmission, and finally reaches the test temperature value

from the test temperature of -90 ℃ to -165 ℃ and then to the European standard of -196 ℃, ovim has been breaking through the impossibility. Jiang Yedong said that after nearly ten years of research and development, in 2012, ovim provided prestressed products for LNG gas storage tanks for the first time, namely Shandong LNG terminal. "At the beginning, we only had one tank for three tanks, and when we went to the fourth tank, because the technology was mature, it naturally gave it to us". In 2014, ovim entered the Tianjin LNG terminal project, and ovim was responsible for all four tanks. This time, it was not only prestressed products, but also undertook the secondary design and engineering construction of prestress

due to the entry of domestic enterprises into the market, great changes have taken place in the whole field of ultra-low temperature prestress. In the 1990s, due to foreign monopoly, ultra-low temperature prestressed materials cost more than 10000 US dollars per ton, and now this material is only a few thousand yuan per ton. Based on the Tianjin project, ovim's subsidiary Liuzhou Oriental Rubber Products Co., Ltd. also developed a lead bearing with recrystallization function, which greatly enhanced the safety performance of the air tank

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