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One owner spent a high price on the decoration of more than 100 square meters of latex paint, which cost 30000

one owner spent a high price on the decoration of more than 100 square meters of latex paint, which cost 30000

February 16, 2012

[China paint information] during the decoration, 1. Turn on the power supply of the main switch, turn on the source switch of the experimental motor, check whether the operation of all parts of the machine is normal, and prepare for the experiment. Will you be willing to spend 30000 yuan on the latex paint? Recently, a Nanjing decoration owner spent 30000 yuan on latex paint, and his house was more than 100. Previously, the State Railway Administration also announced that the high-speed railway project must use non water ribbed steel square meters. Buying such expensive latex paint is environmental protection

now, there are many kinds of functional paints on the market, "anti formaldehyde", "clean taste", "antibacterial"... Once these functions are added to the paint, the price will rise

spend a high price on latex paint

I learned that the citizen who spent a high price on latex paint bought it for environmental protection, because he wanted to move into his new house as soon as possible after decoration. What he bought was a kind of latex paint whose function was defined as "bamboo charcoal deep breathing"

ordinary people usually spend twoorthree yuan to buy latex paint. Why is this kind of latex paint so expensive? Is there any special effect of this latex paint

"in addition to absorbing formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other harmful substances, this paint also contains tea tree factor, which can effectively resist bacteria. In addition, this product does not have any pungent taste." The salesperson who sold the paint told him that this kind of paint is not the most expensive at more than 500 yuan per barrel

full of all kinds of "functional paints"

as the salesperson said, we found that the current paint market is full of all kinds of "functional paints", including formaldehyde resistant, pure flavor and antibacterial. As long as functional paints are marked, the price is much more expensive than ordinary paints without any addition

in a brand paint shop, the lowest price of functional paint is 280 yuan, and the highest is 728 yuan. The price of a barrel of ordinary paint is only 130 yuan

some functions are just "gimmicks"

but it is worth noting that insiders told that although some paints have the functions of environmental protection, formaldehyde resistance, rub resistance 4.0 washing, many of them are gimmicks of manufacturers

"for example, the relevant national standards clearly stipulate that latex paint has three essential functions, and scrub resistance is one of the basic functions. Some latex paints that take scrub resistance as a function may not be different from other paints." Industry insiders said that in addition, the "special paint for children and pregnant women", which is much more expensive than ordinary paint, is only added with some aromatics and nano materials. As for how many negative ions can be produced and how much effect these negative ions play on the human body, it is not only not based on standards, but also objectively difficult to measure. Basically, it is up to the enterprise itself to the final say

functional paint painters also charge more

functional paint is not only expensive to buy, but also more expensive for decorators during construction

electronic measurement can easily and accurately realize experiments under various test conditions. A master Wu with 5 years of paint experience was consulted. Master Wu told that during construction, the labor cost of painting products such as formaldehyde resistant and bamboo charcoal paint is several yuan higher than that of painting ordinary paint, because this product has a good paint film and it is difficult to paint

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