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In the field of overweight robot assembly, Henkel appeared at the 2019 world robot Expo with a full range of adhesive products

Henkel adhesive technology business department, with the theme of enabling intelligent manufacturing and enjoying the future, dressed up to attend the 2019 world robot Expo (wrc2019). As a global leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatment, Henkel, which participated in the exhibition for the first time, comprehensively displayed a variety of adhesive products of its loctite brand applied to the assembly and assembly of robot bodies, servo motors and precision reducers, with a view to providing more reliable solutions and professional services for customers in different fields of the industrial robot industry, so as to improve the stability of robot operation and prolong the service life, Promote enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, as well as the rapid and sustainable development of the industry, and ultimately help the orderly promotion of the manufacturing power strategy

Henkel brings its loctite adhesive products to the exhibition 20, which is beneficial to the operation, storage and use of the 19th World robot Expo

at present, with the changes in population and social structure, the supply and demand of labor and commodity markets have changed, and robot applications are more favored. At the same time, the rapid iteration of the thermal oxygen aging performance of Goldilocks pp-lgf is also accelerating the industrial development and gradually becoming a new driving force for economic growth. As a major manufacturing country, China also attaches great importance to this, and the gradual implementation of the manufacturing power strategy has also created an opportunity for the development of the industry to help China's industrial manufacturing sector achieve high-quality transformation and upgrading. At the same time, although the gap between domestic enterprises, including the overall performance of industrial robots and the processing and manufacturing level of core components, is gradually narrowing and the international leading level, it still needs time to continue to accumulate and practice in order to make further breakthroughs. As one of the indispensable chemical materials in the manufacturing process of industrial robots, adhesives play a decisive role in the structural bonding and sealing effect of key parts, the stability, reliability and durability of robot operation, and the weatherability under complex and variable working conditions

on August, when financing is generally difficult, slow and expensive, the 2019 world robot Expo, CO sponsored by the China Association for science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Beijing Municipal People's government, was held grandly. Famous enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions in the field of robotics all over the world gathered here to display many of the latest scientific research achievements, applied products and solutions. Henkel adhesive technology business department attended the industry event for the first time. According to the industry's general concerns about the use of adhesives in the field of robot assembly, including simple process, environmental protection of materials, reliable product performance, and ensuring the long-term stable operation of robots in complex environments, Henkel loctite's strong and high-value adhesive series products and solutions, including anaerobic adhesives, cyanoacrylic adhesives UV curing adhesive, acrylic structural adhesive, elastic bonding modified silane and silica gel series, and focused on the application of the products in the three fields of robot body assembly, servo motor and precision reducer assembly:

robot body assembly: it can be respectively aimed at the robot execution end, terminal execution fixture unit rubber pad, mechanical arm, rubber pad fixing, cast iron flange assembly Screw installation and other links provide adhesive products such as thread locking, flange sealing, general bonding and component cleaning. Among them, thread locking adhesives such as loctite 243 and loctite 263 can effectively fill the gap between bolts and nuts, and the integration of the structure can bring more reliable and stable locking performance; At the same time, this kind of adhesive can improve the flexibility of inventory, help to realize the semi-automatic process of equipment, and bring the optimization of overall cost to customers

servo motor assembly: various adhesive product solutions can be provided according to different process requirements such as magnetic steel bonding, coil bonding and fixation, fixed assembly, infiltration of rotor laminated silicon steel sheet, bonding and sealing of encoder, etc. Taking the cylindrical retaining adhesive as an example, this product can make full use of all contact areas to provide high-strength metal surface adhesion. At the same time, the adhesive's high cohesion, high shear strength, good adhesion and locking performance on irregular surfaces will also bring customers the improvement of the overall reliability of the motor

assembly of precision reducer: according to the subtle differences of the focus of attention in the assembly process of the three main mechanical types of RV Reducer, harmonic reducer and planetary reducer, customize and provide more matching adhesive products. For example, the flange sealing adhesive can increase the structural stiffness and load transmission capacity, reduce fretting, and have good pressure resistance when contacting between metals, bringing more lasting and reliable stability to customers, reducing the defect rate and downtime of the machine, and extending the service life

Henkel loctite adhesive products are widely used in the industrial robot industry chain

relying on the continuous innovation of adhesives over the years, Henkel loctite's series of adhesive products displayed this time have excellent quality, conform to the concept of sustainable development, and have been widely used in the industrial robot industry chain at home and abroad, and have achieved outstanding results in optimizing the overall manufacturing process and the comprehensive cost of enterprises, Therefore, it has accumulated a lot of practical experience. In addition, combined with value-added services such as Henkel technology and product consulting solutions, laboratory testing and evaluation, and the conceptual design of semi/full-automatic equipment used with adhesives, we will be able to create greater value and revenue for customers in all fields of the robot industry

for this exhibition, Lin Chuanqi, Asia Pacific Business Development Manager of Henkel adhesive technology general industry, APAC, general industry, adhesives technology, Henkel said: Although this is the first time Henkel has participated in the WRC conference, it has been cultivated in the robot assembly industry for many years, and through the excavation of customer needs, we fully understand the urgent needs of industrial development. Adhering to the consistent core values, Henkel will continue to strengthen R & D and innovation, consolidate the outstanding advantages of Loctite brand in adhesives, pay attention to improving product reliability, optimize enterprise manufacturing process and overall cost, and be listed in the "first batch of key new materials utilization demonstration and guidance catalogue" of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Taking serving intelligent manufacturing as its own responsibility, Henkel will continue to overweight the robot industry and create the future with customers

Henkel loctite staff communicated with the audience

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Henkel's balanced and diversified business portfolio worldwide. Through strong brand, excellent innovation and advanced technology, the company has established a leading position in the three business sectors of industry and consumption. Henkel adhesive technology business department is the leader of the global adhesive market, serving all walks of life around the world. Detergent and home care and cosmetics/beauty products are also leading brands in the markets of various countries and many application fields. Founded in 1876, the company has a glorious history of more than 140 years. In 2017, Henkel achieved sales of 20billion euros, with an adjusted operating profit of about 3.5 billion euros. The leading brands loctite, Schwarzenegger and BAOYING of the company's three business departments contributed more than 6.4 billion euros in sales revenue. Henkel has more than 53000 employees worldwide. Guided by a strong corporate culture and common values, they integrate into a passionate and diversified team to strive for the corporate goal of creating sustainable value. As an example of sustainable development of enterprises, Henkel is at the top of many international indexes and rankings. Henkel's preferred shares have been listed in the German DAX index. For more information, please visit

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