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Owens Corning polyester fiberglass cloth will be used in China in 2009 more than onemillion square meters

as the world's leading enterprise in glass reinforced fiber, residential and commercial building materials, Owens Corning ◆ large experimental force, large diameter nylon rope Ning announced today that its trupave polyester fiberglass cloth will be used in China in 2009 more than onemillion square meters. This glass fiber reinforced product has been used in the construction of 76 roads across the country by virtue of its excellent performance

trupave polyester glass fiber cloth is used in road paving. As a waterproof and crack resistant material for the surface layer, it can delay the crack of the pavement. When mixed with asphalt, it can form an almost impervious waterproof layer, and compared with other competitive products, it will not shrink and melt

The durability and recyclability of trupave cloth provide environmental benefits for China's sustainable construction. Trupave cloth extends the service life of the hot mix asphalt pavement layer and reduces the use cost. At the end of the service life of asphalt pavement, it is also recyclable. Asphalt is one of the largest recyclable products in the world, so the recyclability of trupave cloth is particularly important

"durability is an important part of sustainable development," said Wang Yang, marketing manager of OCV non woven technologies Asia Pacific region. "Trupave polyester fiberglass cloth can delay the occurrence of cracks on the pavement. Mixing with asphalt can effectively waterproof the pavement, prolong the service life of the road, and reduce the maintenance and repair costs."

"we are cooperating with the Ministry of communications of China to establish a new specification for pavement waterproof and crack resistant cloth, which will set a unified national standard for measuring the performance of products. According to the agreement," manager Wang added

ocv, especially the exchange rate fell 482; The agent of non woven technologies in China is Shanghai longfu industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd., which is an engineering company specializing in pavement technology

in India, with the end-user's understanding of the waterproof property and pavement crack resistance of the material, the application also began to increase gradually. Osnar chemical, Owens Corning's distributor, currently supplies trupave polyester fiberglass cloth to India

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