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Owens Corning, vice president, visited Weibo group

on March 22, Mr. mazio, vice president of Owens Corning, the world's largest glass fiber manufacturer, and global president of glass fiber reinforced composites business, visited Weibo group and exchanged in-depth views with general manager Liu Gang on matters related to deepening cooperation fields and establishing long-term friendly cooperative relations

Mr. mazio's visit was warmly welcomed by Weibo group. General manager Liu Gang hosted a banquet and had a friendly discussion with him for more than two hours. During this period, mazio and Liu Gang conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges closely around the development trend of the international glass fiber market and the problems existing in the industry, and actively sought partners in the field of Weibo phase VII tank kiln construction and composite material development. In order to maintain the survival style, the meeting has always maintained a relaxed and happy atmosphere

on the same day, park leaders Liu Shuming, Li Shangyong and relevant heads of foreign trade companies accompanied Mr. mazio and his assistant to visit the phase V tank kiln production line with great interest, and introduced in detail the recent situation and long-term plan of the enterprise that reduced the effectiveness of power transmission and transformation and electrical equipment

it is reported that sconin, the production company of Irving spring testing machine in China, is a leader in the field of building materials and glass fiber composites in the world. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, the United States, sconin has about 16000 employees in manufacturing, sales and research institutions in more than 30 countries and regions on six continents, and its global sales have exceeded US $6billion. Comprehensively inspect the quality

as a pioneer in the global glass fiber industry, Owens Corning successfully introduced glass fiber into the fields of architecture, automobile, navigation and aviation. In the future, the company will invest more in the Chinese market

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