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The owner said: there is no skid in rainy days, and the safety is guaranteed. This ground hardening system is reassuring

the owner said: there is no skid in rainy days, and the safety is guaranteed. This ground hardening system is reassuring

October 20, 2020

last time, ZhuoBao paid a return visit to the production workshop in Rizhao, Shandong Province, to show you the effect of ZhuoBao ground hardening system after one year of application in the workshop. This time, ZhuoBao walked into the underground garage of the high-end community in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. Let's take a close look at the performance of ZhuoBao's ground hardening system in the place where the floor system is most widely used and related to life and travel

ZhuoBao return visit - according to the different load measurement methods, Zhuhai Blue Bay Peninsula phase 11

on-site "plain face photos" were exposed! The project needs to be prepared early so that consumers can choose the ideal product. It has been nearly 2 years since the completion of the project. During this visit, ZhuoBao found that the ground of the underground garage was clean and bright, and none of them would roll up the recording paper and damage the paint if necessary

for the owner, safety and smooth access in the garage are the most important; Secondly, as private property, vehicles can be safely placed in the garage from the wind, rain and dust is also their basic demand

however, some poor quality floor systems on the market are prone to sand and dust soon after use, which often leads to large and thick dust in the whole space of the garage and nowhere to disperse the dust. The car is covered with a full layer of dust after parking for a day

or after a long time of use, there is a phenomenon of "shelling and falling off", and the ground is pockmarked, so you need to be careful in and out

in addition, the underground garage is not easy to smell. If the materials used in the floor system are not environmental friendly and the smell is pungent, it is also a "threat" to the health of people who are more sensitive to the body, such as children, pregnant women and the elderly

there are many disadvantages of poor quality flooring system, and as an owner, it will be deeply disturbed; The property and Party A are also to blame for the big wave of complaints, so choosing a high-quality floor system is not only a choice of high-quality products and services, but also a choice of confidence and peace of mind

the floor system may be a small "small project" on the ground, but often the details can determine the success or failure. ZhuoBao attaches importance to the details and does not underestimate the details. ZhuoBao floor hardening system adheres to the use of advanced technology, reliable materials and scientific management to do a good job in "details" and meet the "high requirements" of customers: dust-proof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, strong impact resistance, easy to clean...

therefore, since the introduction of ZhuoBao floor hardening system, the industry spotlight has never left, and many high-quality customers have chosen ZhuoBao floor hardening system to build a "high-value" for it "High quality" floor system

here is a long picture to show you its advantages ~

in the future, ZhuoBao will continue to contribute more high-quality, durable, environmentally friendly and beautiful flooring projects to society and customers, and protect people's safe travel and safe production. I hope you and I can keep the details and pursue "high quality"

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