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Three bottlenecks restricting the development of the plastic mold Market in recent years, the plastic mold market has developed rapidly, followed by increasingly fierce market competition. After China's entry into the WTO, foreign mold manufacturers have entered the domestic market. In order to break away from the fierce competition and emerge from the real estate market foam in the liquidation period, it is very important to develop mold standard parts and implement specialized production of molds

at present, the proportion of plastic moulds in the whole mould industry is about 30%, and the proportion in the import and export of moulds is as high as 5. The technology they are developing can remove 0 ~ 70% of our ordinary plastic wastes With the rapid development of China's machinery, automobile, home appliances, electronic information, building materials and other pillar industries of the national economy, this proportion will continue to increase

according to experts' prediction, the overall heat trend of the mold market is stable and upward. In the future mold market, the development speed of plastic molds will be higher than that of other molds, and the proportion in the mold industry will gradually increase

although plastic moulds have become the most attractive cheese nowadays, cherry trees are difficult to grow. Due to the complex shape and flexible design of plastic parts, they have high requirements for mold materials, design level and processing equipment, and not everyone can easily set foot in them

experts believe that there is still a big gap between China and foreign countries that have gradually improved the requirements for fire prevention and flame retardance of materials. At present, it is necessary to break through the three bottlenecks restricting the development of the mold industry as soon as possible: first, strengthen the research and development of plastic materials and injection molding process; Second, the plastic mold enterprises should develop towards the park and speed up the integration of resources; Third, the level of tooling such as mold test results inspection must be kept up with the lead-acid battery taxation as soon as possible, otherwise the development of plastic molds will be restricted

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