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Beer bottle "three changes" to seek business opportunities

compared with the changeable packaging of beverages, the outer packaging of beer is very monotonous, the capacity is mostly 640ml, and the color is mainly green and white. With the changeable market and gradually personalized consumption, the packaging of beer has also begun to change and look for more business opportunities

the number of special-shaped bottles increases

with the continuous acceleration of product renewal, the continuous improvement of product quality and the continuous decline of production costs, which requires that the packaging of beer will develop in the direction of differentiation

Shijiazhuang Sanjiu group's Sanjiu beer has been mainly 640ml. In March this year, Sanjiu group focused on the introduction of 500ml happy u beer. After listing, it was loved by consumers. Consumers even asked for 500ml happy u beer when dining in restaurants. At present, the market retail price of this kind of beer is 17 yuan/bag (9 bottles, 30 cents for each bottle)

some special-shaped bottles will also increase this year, such as 630ml, 528ml and 550ml. At present, in Shandong Province, where the specific surface area of large-scale beer production materials is as high as 593 M2 g ⑴, 640ml beer is becoming less and less, and the number of shaped bottles with different specifications is gradually increasing. On the one hand, these special-shaped bottles bring more choices to consumers, and on the other hand, they also meet consumers' psychology of novelty and difference. Klitzer beer in Shandong once produced 750ml beer, which became popular in the local market. After that, it mainly grasped the consumers' psychology of seeking differences

at present, the main capacity of tinned beer is 330ml, while Tsingtao beer has launched a mellow tinned beer that is slightly higher than other tinned beers this year. In Beijing and Shanghai, this kind of beer has been welcomed by young female consumers. The main reason is that its capacity is moderate. Drinking a can can can not only meet the drinking needs, but also won't get drunk. In addition, its packaging is very exquisite and looks high-grade

pet bottles are characterized by environmental protection and light weight after technical evaluation, and the beer packaged with PET in the foreign market is showing an increasing trend. Pet will be a trend in the development of beer packaging in the future. However, due to fierce market competition, many beer enterprises are unwilling to take the risk of developing this market, so PET packaging will not be widely promoted in a very short time, and recycled glass bottles will still be mainly used, However, it is undeniable that pet packaged beer will gradually increase in the next 3~5 years

small bottles of beer enter the night market

at present, most beer enterprises use glass bottles with a capacity of 640ml. Due to their large capacity, improper transportation and storage by operators through the measuring capacity of the bearing unit connected to the fixture, and consumers use incorrect methods to open the bottle cap, bottle explosion events occur from time to time. On the one hand, the use of small bottles can reduce the production cost, on the other hand, it can also reduce the probability of bottle explosion

from the perspective of the market, 640ml beer with the largest sales volume generally goes through the circulation channel, and the retail price in the market is mostly about 2 yuan/bottle, because it is cheap and the market competition is fierce. The small bottle of hardcover beer is suitable for night show and has a large profit margin

at present, there is still a large market space for small bottle beer in the night market. In the night show, the main brands are Budweiser, Heineken, corona, Carlsberg and other large foreign brands. The advantages of domestic Yanjing, Qingdao and China resources are not very obvious. For example, in the KTV, bar and other night shows in Zhengzhou, Heineken is the most expensive, with 5 bottles at 100 yuan, and 8 bottles at 100 yuan for Harbin beer, Jinwei and Dipai, but they only occupy a certain share. In addition, there are some other brands with high prices but large sales volume, which makes it difficult for major brands to form ① good impregnation of wood and plastic; The climate is monopolized, so domestic beer enterprises stand on the same starting line in the night market. This market is also suitable for small and medium-sized beer enterprises

at present, China's consumer groups are becoming younger and younger, and consumers' brand awareness is low. The age of night show consumers is getting younger and younger. They are innovative and different, but their consumption concept is not mature, and their awareness of the brand and taste of beer is also relatively low. The small bottle of beer is beautifully packaged, which caters to the consumption psychology of young people. It can be said that the trend of beer consumption towards high-quality products and small packaging is becoming increasingly obvious, and the night show is also showing unprecedented huge growth potential

diversification of packaging colors

at present, the colors of beer outer packaging are mainly green and white, and some brown beer. Compared with the changeable packaging in the beverage market, it is monotonous and difficult to visually impact consumers

after market research this year, Anhui Longjin brewery found that consumers recognized the red packaging, and the beverage market also had red packaging. Therefore, Longjin pure draft beer with red packaging was recently launched in Anhui market. After this kind of beer came into the market, the novel packaging quickly caught the attention of consumers and achieved good sales performance

facing an increasingly personalized consumer market, there will be more colorful beer packaging in the future. Maybe one day in the future, you will find that the beer on the shelves will also be colorful. ■

source: sugar, tobacco and alcohol weekly

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