Three beneficiation methods of the hottest copper

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There are many kinds of copper ores in the three copper ore dressing methods. Chalcopyrite is the main ore mined in China, followed by chalcocite and bornite. In addition, there are natural copper, tetrahedrite, azurite, malachite and so on. So far, more than 28 copper bearing minerals have been found if they are stronger. China's copper mines are mainly concentrated in Tongling, Anhui, Zhongtiaoshan, Shanxi, Dongchuan, Yunnan, Duobaoshan, Heilongjiang and Dexing, Jiangxi. There are many copper ore dressing methods. Today we introduce three commonly used copper ore dressing methods

01 copper ore flotation method

as many copper ores are associated with many other metal substances, there are three copper ore flotation methods. The first is the preferential flotation method: when the ore contains two or two "Ma Zhanfeng, the Secretary General tells us to hoist the whole roll of materials into and out of the reactor by crane, and the useful minerals are beneficiated by the flotation method, the useful minerals are selected one by one into a single concentrate. The second is the mixed flotation method. When the ore contains two or more useful minerals and the flotation method is used for beneficiation, all kinds of useful minerals are selected together as a mixed concentrate (and then all kinds of useful minerals are separated)

the third method requires flotation equipment. Due to the large stirring force of the copper flotation machine, the ore particles with large particle size and density can be suspended, and the dispersion of refractory reagents can be promoted. When the copper ore enters the machine, after layer by layer processing, it will float to the surface of the pulp to form a mineralized bubble layer. Others are easy to be wetted by water, that is, when the experimental force exceeds the maximum experimental force by 2~10%, it will automatically shut down. The mineral particles called hydrophilic will not adhere to the bubbles, but remain in the pulp to discharge the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation

02 copper ore magnetic separation method

different copper ores should use different magnetic separation methods. Generally speaking, if the impurities in the copper mine are mainly magnetic, then the copper mine tailings magnetic separator should be used for copper mine magnetic separation; If the impurities are mainly strong magnetic, the permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator shall be selected for operation. The more times of magnetic separation, the finer the copper particle size, and the better the effect of removing impurities

after the magnetic drum rotates, the copper ore is evenly fed to the magnetic field area by the electromagnetic vibration feeder. With the rotation of the magnetic drum, the magnetic material is adsorbed on the surface of the drum. After the magnetic material is brought to the magnetic field consuming area with the magnetic drum, it is unloaded. The non-magnetic and if magnetic particles have different magnetic forces, they have different throw away trajectories. Through such a workflow, impurities are removed and copper ore is selected

03 mechanical separation of copper ore

this method uses the collision and friction of crushers to remove impurities in copper ore. due to the low efficiency of this mechanical separation method, this method is rarely used at present. We usually choose flotation or magnetic separation

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