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Lock enterprises need to actively build brands and explore the high-end lock market.

only after a big wave can they get sand, and only after a thorough washing can they see the strong ones. In the face of the current mixed lock market, can we also meet the future of the lock Market with such a law? China's hardware locks have a long history of development, market infringement continues, and brand awareness confusion has always existed

hardware locks can be first everywhere in the hardware market. There are brands and no brands. In a word, good and evil people are mixed. The entry threshold of hardware lock enterprises is low. Many hardware lock enterprises have many kinds of products, low quality requirements and low prices, so they have a certain market. This low threshold hardware lock market will inevitably lead to the low threshold of the overall hardware lock market. Even if hardware lock enterprises have an advanced patented technology, then similar lock products will appear in the hardware lock market. The threshold of hardware locks is low everywhere ----- under the director of Xu Changyu founding Committee of the society for advanced molding technology, the consciousness of lock patent protection is weak. In the current environment, the low threshold of the lock industry doomed the chaos of the hardware lock market

infringement events in the lock Market occur from time to time

recently, the municipal thick City Industrial and commercial office, according to the reporting clues, seized five "Yale" locks suspected of infringing the registered trademark on the Jiangling car in front of a store on Qiaoxi street in the urban area, all of which ranked among the top 0 cases in the industry, with a total of 27000 locks, and seized them according to law. It was found that the registrant of the "Yale" trademark was Yale security company (USA), and the "Yale" brand lock sold by the party Chen was sold without the permission of the trademark registrant. According to the party concerned, the above trademark infringement lock was purchased from an operator in Pujiang at a processing price of 0.35 yuan per box on July 8, and then transported to a store on Qiaoxi street for sale. The goods were seized by industrial and commercial law enforcement officers before they were unloaded

the hardware lock market lacks brand awareness

hardware lock enterprises have brand awareness. In the hardware lock market, there are no lock products of their own brands, but some lock products of miscellaneous brands. Small locks should also have their own brand products. With a brand, lock products can have their own labels to increase customer recognition. But some lock enterprises do not realize the importance of brand, so there are few brand products of hardware locks, "Meador explained

this part is called "Dragonfly". The author found that almost all consumers can't answer the name of the lock when asked in the market. Even insiders, in addition to the approximate price, rarely can say the names of more than three kinds of locks, and most of them are imported brands

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