Beijing Daxing seized the most popular fake Wulian

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Beijing Daxing seized 78 boxes of beautifully packed fake Wuliangye liquor, which was actually filled in a rental room. Yesterday, Beijing Daxing Industrial and commercial law enforcement officers removed the fake dens. According to the seized account books, this batch of fake wine has flowed into Beijing Jinsong, Xiaojing, Xinfadi and other places, but the specific location is unknown

at the scene, law enforcement officers found that the export of this year's extruder was the same as that of 2015, and the whole industry scope had fallen six times compared with 2015. There were a large number of fake Baijiu in the rental house: "Wuliangye" liquor 78 boxes, "guiruo detected a deviation from the specified value, 1 box of" zhoumaotai "liquor," Shuijingfang "liquor 3 boxes," Jiannanchun "liquor 5 boxes," Xufu "liquor 28 boxes and a large number of empty bottles that had not been filled, and 180 fake" Wuliangye "liquor labels, A set of counterfeiting tools. According to the identification of technicians who made a special trip from Sichuan Wuliangye distillery, 78 boxes of "Wuliangye" were all fake wines. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officials said that fake wine and empty wine bottles had been temporarily suspended, with a case value of nearly 150000 yuan

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