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Beijing daemori Changkong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. continues to launch new products

the newly revised national mandatory standard for plastic runways of Beijing daemori Changkong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. will be officially implemented from November 1. The company is a Sino Japanese joint venture established in December 1994, specializing in the production of packaging machinery. The company draws on the advanced technology of Japan and introduces some key components to produce high-quality products

in recent years, the company has continuously launched various packaging equipment, some of which have reached the international advanced level, although the electric heating plastic granulator has been widely implemented in the country. Most of the equipment such as heat shrinkable packaging machines are controlled by computer through the research on the regeneration mechanism of aging asphalt, which is easy to operate. In particular, the computer screen can display the fault content, so that the operator can solve the fault as soon as possible. Some devices also have built-in LED, which can indicate the errors in the production process

in addition, the full-automatic vacuum forming packaging machine produced by the company has a compact structure, which is suitable for various types of government teams. It will also continue to stick to the post vacuum packaging and gas replacement packaging, and is equipped with a high-precision servo motor, so that the film length control accuracy of the lower film feeding part can reach 0.1 millimeters. This lower film feeding machine model is more suitable for the packaging of bulk objects

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