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Localization of digital printing is the only way for China to become a powerful printing country

according to the information obtained from Shanghai Ziguang, it will officially launch the first digital inkjet printing machine in cooperation with Beijing University Founder in November. This is the first shot of Shanghai Ziguang into digital printing. When the author posted the news on the official Weibo of Huicong printing to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent, it attracted the attention of many people in the industry. In a word, it remains to be seen from various responses

@ Huayan Digital: stability and practicality need to be further verified

@ Yicai digital graphics and text: so far, there is no real high-end digital printing equipment of domestic brands. Can this equipment break the monopoly of imports

@ Lai Zhigang jason: Ziguang's march into digital printing remains to be seen

caizhiyong, general manager of Shanghai Ziguang Machinery Co., Ltd., previously said that the traditional large-scale things will gradually become smaller, while personalized and small-scale printing business will become a trend, so I am more optimistic about the future digital market. It is not difficult to understand why old traditional equipment manufacturers have entered digital

in fact, the launch of Ziguang pm520 is not only in line with President Cai's personal understanding of the printing market, but also in line with the national requirements for the development of the printing industry. The 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the printing machinery industry points out that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the printing machinery industry should focus on the control system maintenance of digital 3 and digital display electronic tensile testing machine: word printing and digital printing technology and equipment. Among them, the key point of digital printing machine is inkjet digital printing machine. The printing equipment manufacturing industry should strengthen the research and development of digital printers, especially inkjet digital printers, and develop a series of inkjet digital printers with independent intellectual property rights. In 2015, the main equipment will reach the current international advanced level; Breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of key components to break the monopoly of imported products

this is not only the requirement of the 12th Five year development plan, but also the only way for China to become a printing power. Purple light launched this device can be said to be timely. Although pm520 is not the first inkjet digital printing machine in China, it is still at the forefront of the industry, but there is one thing that cannot be ignored. Although there are no technical parameters about this equipment at present, the author guesses that since it is a cooperation with founder, the inkjet head of this equipment is likely to continue to introduce foreign aid. Because Beida founder jieying series products use the Saier inkjet head. As the core of an inkjet digital printer, the inkjet head is undoubtedly the top priority. At present, the inkjet head cannot be produced in China, and the inkjet heads used in domestic inkjet printers and inkjet printers all rely on imports. Although the inkjet heads of Saier and other brands are highly recognized in the industry, it is not a long-term solution to always think of foreign experience

in the 12th Five year development plan, the manufacturing technology of piezoelectric inkjet print head of inkjet digital printing machine is listed as one of the key development technologies. Looking at the inkjet print head market, the market is monopolized by several major foreign manufacturers, such as sair, Konica, Seiko and spectra. When you draw a bow, you should be strong, and when you use an arrow, you should be long. Many years ago, Chinese track and field events were never seen in the international arena until the emergence of Ma Jiajun in the 1990s, which changed the embarrassing situation of middle and long-distance running events. Back a few years ago, China was still bleak in the sprint event that needed the most power until the emergence of Liu Xiang. These two major breakthroughs broke the curse that Chinese people's physical quality is not suitable for field events, and the reason for its success is nothing more than unique training methods. Ma Jiajun's devil like training method makes people shudder, while Liu Xiang's training is not as hard as expected, but slightly easier, because in hurdles, skill is the king. What the printing industry lacks most now is methods and skills. We make equipment, change parts, and change the appearance, but the real core components have always been Polai products

as we all know, cel authorizes many enterprises to use its inkjet head technology. Of course, it also allows the research and development based on it. At present, there are no specific regulations on the depth of the tooth path in China. That's why some enterprises have developed 1024 nozzle inkjet heads based on it. On the contrary, we still stay on the basis of use. This makes China's printing industry, which is trying to become a printing power in 2020, feel embarrassed

of course, I still hope my guess is wrong, and I look forward to a surprise when the purple pm520 is launched in November, bringing us an inkjet head with our own intellectual property rights

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