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Logistics enterprises develop and expand in the integration and transformation

the leader of the logistics industry integrates small and medium-sized, professional logistics service providers, controls resources in professional fields, provides value-added services, gradually extends upstream and downstream, and occupies the dominant position in the professional market

(1) market segmentation, professional positioning

many logistics enterprises carry out market segmentation, functional positioning and cultivate core competitiveness according to market demand and their own advantages; Some "leading enterprises" with strong functions integrate small and medium-sized, professional logistics service providers, control resources in professional fields, provide value-added services, gradually extend to the upstream and downstream, and occupy the dominant position in the professional market. For example, COSCO logistics has developed automobile logistics, home appliance logistics, retail logistics, exhibit logistics, power logistics and petrochemical logistics on the basis of market segmentation by virtue of its international network advantages to provide customers with high value-added services. China Post Logistics gives full play to its postal characteristics and advantages, bases itself on the urban and rural markets, and takes the integrated logistics business as the core, actively develops regional distribution, freight forwarding and less than carload freight, distribution and mail order business, meets the needs of different types of customers, and steadily develops the international logistics market. China Railway Express gives full play to the advantages of long-distance railway, large transportation capacity and all weather, gradually extends to highway and aviation, and increases the development of small and medium-sized customers through multimodal transport

(II) resource integration, business innovation

the integration of internal resources based on the original business of the enterprise There is also the integration of social resources. For example, Sinotrans has integrated the group's resources and established an integrated logistics platform supported by three major freight systems: sea, land and air. In the aspect of making the zero point of servo valve produce unstable drift shipping, we have actively adjusted the structure and layout of transportation capacity, and carried out low-cost expansion in the field of dry bulk cargo transportation and special commodity transportation such as oil and automobile; In terms of land transportation, it has opened up the business of less than carload express lines; In terms of railway transportation, actively carry out transit transportation and international intermodal transportation; In terms of air transportation, the "E-speed development of outward transportation" service project was launched in due time. China Eastern Airlines, China Ocean Shipping Group and China Cargo Airlines jointly invested and established Shanghai Oriental Ocean Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd., forming a complete integrated service capacity of air cargo ground agency, loading and unloading, transportation, transit, warehousing, distribution, rapid customs clearance and so on. China Post Logistics and China Railway Luggage and other companies jointly invested and registered the new hourly express delivery company, and opened a special train on May 18, 2004, connecting the three distribution centers of China Post Logistics in the north, South and East China It has greatly improved the network operation capacity of postal logistics, and some types of foamed plastic packaging can be recycled in Rhode Island, which has attracted a large number of customers, and the fast goods business has developed rapidly

4. After adjustment, capital operation and foreign cooperation

Datian group established "jefco Datian Logistics Co., Ltd." with Gefco, the largest automotive logistics supplier in Europe, in Beijing, and then set up branches in Wuhan and Shanghai respectively, starting to provide international automotive logistics services to "Shenlong" and other automotive companies. China Railway Modern Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. and Itochu Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of China Railway Yitong Logistics Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 140million yen, which mainly provides railway and truck transportation and logistics services for automobiles and parts. China Post Logistics and Australia Post Logistics jointly established Saicheng International Logistics Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. 5. Start the beam motor and use their respective operating capabilities to jointly provide customers with international logistics services between China and Australia. On October 21, 2004, the formation agreement of emerald International Cargo Airlines Co funded by Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd., Lufthansa Cargo Airlines and German investment and Development Co., Ltd. was signed in Beijing· This is the first real airline jointly established by domestic and foreign airlines in China, and it is also the first airline with a foreigner as the general manager in China. The company plans to invest a total of 90million US dollars, with an initial investment and registered capital of 30million US dollars

at the same time, the three domestic shipping giants have successively cooperated with Japanese shipping giants in recent years to enter the automotive shipping market. In April, 2004, Sinotrans merchant marine Mitsui Shipping Co., Ltd., a joint venture between China foreign trade and transportation (Group) Corporation and merchant marine Mitsui Co., Ltd., was officially established. Previously, in October 2002, COSCO Group had established COSCO Nippon post automobile and Ship Transportation Co., Ltd. in a joint venture with Japan Post and ship corporation; in November 2003, COSCO Group also announced the establishment of COSCO Kawasaki automobile and Ship Transportation Co., Ltd. in a joint venture with Japan Kawasaki steamboat. It is noteworthy that the main businesses of the three companies are not only vehicle transportation services for China's coastal routes, but also joint ventures from Japanese shipping giants

(IV) set up point links to improve strength

Baogong logistics aims to improve supply chain efficiency and customer service value, and effectively reduce supply chain costs In order to form an operation network with modern logistics service platform as the node in China. Since 2002, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Hefei logistics bases have been built and launched; The logistics bases in Shanghai, Shunde, Nanjing, Beijing and Tianjin are under active planning and construction. Sinotrans has established dozens of central warehouses (CDCs), regional distribution centers (RDCs) or regional distribution centers (LDCs) in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Wuhan, Xi'an, Qingdao, Suzhou and other large and medium-sized cities in China. On October 18, 2004, China Merchants Group signed a comprehensive cooperation memorandum with Shenzhen municipal government, proposing to establish the headquarters and bases of logistics and other industries in Shenzhen based on the integration and reorganization of port, logistics and other assets of more than 22billion yuan; In the next three to five years, it is planned to invest HK $10billion in Shenzhen, focusing on the development of logistics business based on transportation facilities and technology

(V) prepare in various ways and actively respond to

China has fulfilled its world commitments and fully liberalized the logistics market, and some aspects of work have been advanced. Foreign capital is entering at a faster speed, the scale of investment is increasing, the industry competition is in an all-round situation, and domestic key logistics enterprises are actively responding. In order to meet the needs of international development and improve service level, Datian group has set up business sites in 502 cities across the country, moved its management headquarters from Tianjin to Beijing airport, and has hired 13 senior foreign managers. COSCO Logistics annually selects outstanding young employees to study for a master's degree in logistics and supply chain management at the University of Glenfield, England, and cooperates with IBM to build an information system integrating modern communication technology. (end)

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