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Local logistics enterprises often make four kinds of mistakes

when FedEx and UPS refrigeration systems begin to work, these global logistics giants are approaching step by step. Where is the way out for local companies

"we should focus and stick to our local advantages." Chen Jialiang, President of FedEx China, told the daily economy. Before the National Day holiday, Chen Jialiang, who had just recovered from the marathon negotiation with Baiyun Airport, was interviewed by the daily economy and prescribed a prescription for his local counterparts

as the first Chinese President of FedEx, Chen Jialiang has been in the logistics industry for more than 20 years, from customer director, freight station manager to regional president. He has been a senior executive in the Asia Pacific region for more than 10 years. In recent years, while preparing to build the largest overseas transshipment center of FedEx in Guangzhou, Chen Jialiang has more and more exchanges with mainland counterparts, and has his own views on the advantages and disadvantages of mainland logistics enterprises. 17. Overall dimension of host mm: 720 × five hundred and eighty × 1950

in fact, while becoming a global manufacturing base, China's logistics has long become the focus of global logistics giants. While FedEx is fully advancing, UPS, DHL and other giants have also settled in Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places

local logistics companies are facing great pressure to survive. In July this year alone, the Asia Pacific transit center at this year's K exhibition, which was signed by bangexpress and Baiyun Airport to prepare for the construction, invested US $150million, and is expected to increase the cargo throughput by more than 600000 tons per year. The first batch plans to arrange 20 all cargo aircraft, which is equivalent to the total of all cargo aircraft in China at present. UPS also plans to carry out similar cooperation with Shanghai airport

Chen Jialiang believes that local logistics often makes four kinds of mistakes: not focusing on local network construction, not carrying out effective mergers and acquisitions to expand resources, not focusing on the main business, blindly pursuing large and comprehensive, and weak service awareness. Overcoming these four kinds of mistakes will be the "secret" for local logistics enterprises to grow

"it is very dangerous for many local freight forwarders to try to become a large and comprehensive company. Although FedEx has more than 100000 employees worldwide, it still focuses on aviation logistics." Chen Jialiang said that local freight forwarders have unique localization resources, and the development strategy should be to further develop their own advantages and focus on their own advantageous businesses, rather than blindly expanding their business scope, carrying out diversification strategies and losing competitive advantages when the main business is not strong

according to Chen Jialiang, logistics companies must have a considerable scale to produce benefits. Through mergers and acquisitions, local enterprises will be able to rapidly expand their networks and integrate resources. However, at present, there are few similar actions by local companies, which will make local companies lose their competitive advantage after the completion of the foreign capital network

the fatal defects of local companies in services have become fatal injuries in the competition. "I once entrusted a Chinese express company to deliver 150 gifts from Guangzhou to Shanghai. As a result, more than 2/3 of them were damaged after reaching the destination. How can this be competitive?" (end)

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