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Local state-owned enterprises rank among the world's top five XCMG "deep plough" construction machinery

local state-owned enterprises rank among the world's top five XCMG "deep plough" construction machinery

China Construction machinery information

on November 28, 2014, the Shanghai international construction machinery exhibition ended, and XCMG group became the focus of more than 3000 exhibitors in more than 40 countries around the world, with a booth of 5192 square meters, becoming the largest exhibitor with the largest outdoor exhibition area for seven consecutive times; 45 sets of host products and 41 types of spare parts products were exhibited, including several newly developed or improved new products: the largest 39 ton vertical vibratory roller in China, the first domestic road maintenance vehicle that can realize two kinds of batching construction, etc., all of which are new breakthroughs in China's construction machinery industry

it made a wonderful appearance on the international stage, which is a centralized display of the brilliant achievements of XCMG group in the past 25 years. Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said, "we are like farmers planting grain. We 'plough' construction machinery, always adhere to our main business, endure loneliness, withstand pressure, and grasp our destiny in our own hands." Xu Gongren's persistence has yielded a lot: for many years, he has always remained the first in the domestic industry, and has become a 100 billion level enterprise group with the largest scale, the most complete product varieties and series, the most competitive and influential in the industry, which integrates the basic principles of Engineering (2) machinery development, manufacturing and export, and has ranked among the top five construction machinery in the world from a local state-owned enterprise

a weak woman "carries" 4000 tons

a crane with a lifting capacity of 4000 tons. The crawler alone is more than 3 meters high, and the area of the crawler base is half the size of a basketball court. With its 20 meter boom, it can lift about 2300 Audi A6 cars at the same time. If these cars are connected end to end, they can row from Nanjing South Station of high-speed railway to Xinjiekou

the chief designer of this big Mac is a weak woman Sun Li, director of XCMG crawler crane research institute. "I have been to XCMG for 20 years, experienced product upgrading and witnessed the progress of China's construction machinery." Sun Li said frankly that the large crawler Shanxi Juhua 30000 ton aluminum based new material project was officially started, and the crane has a history of more than a century abroad, but China has only begun to import it since the 1980s. In the 1990s, shortly after Sun Li entered the factory, XCMG produced the first 50 ton crawler crane with independent intellectual property rights, while at that time, the crane of Liebherr in Germany had reached 800 tons! At that time, worker Xu visited Liebherr. An old German engineer was very enthusiastic: "you can record it all with a camera." But at lunch, the translator said that the old engineer followed with a sentence: "anyway, no matter how much you learn, you will never be able to do it."

Sun Li and many engineers have been "encouraged" by XCMG group for more than ten years. In 1998, XCMG raised the number of "50 tons" to 150 tons and reached 300 tons in 2004, becoming the largest crane project in China. In the following years, XCMG continued to work hard, developing to 4000 tons and becoming the "world's first crane"

behind the success, there is not only the persistence of workers like Sun Li, but also at the enterprise level, XCMG has always adhered to the principle of not engaging in industries unrelated to its main business. Focus, so that XCMG has more details and can stand the storm. In recent years, with the general downturn in the construction machinery industry at home and abroad, XCMG's leading products still continue to expand the market and maintain a leading edge. This year, XCMG won the industry's only Chinese industrial leader, the highest honor in the calibration field, "China Industry Award" and the 14th National quality award

on average, a new technology is born every day

XCMG's persistence is not tenacity, but innovation. Looking at the world, it can also "attack"

XCMG has an iron rule that it will devote at least 6% of its income to research and development every year. More than 6000 R & D personnel have created more than 2000 patents in recent years, and a new technology and product are born every day on average. Among them, more than 100 products are first produced in China, and a number of technologies fill the national gap. They have won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award for three consecutive years and the first prize of the science and technology progress award of China's machinery industry for five times

Lin Hai, who is over 50 years old, has only a junior high school degree. Under the training of XCMG, he has achieved 12 major technological innovation achievements of XCMG, and 10 achievements have won the first prize in the country. In particular, he independently undertook the domestic first automotive crane electrical automatic detection technology and system reliability improvement technology, which has made domestic cranes leap to the international advanced level in electrical reliability and achieved comprehensive benefits of more than 2 billion yuan

XCMG's products, which are integrated with innovative genes, are constantly tapping the overseas market with an "international model". Not long ago, XCMG's 100 meter climbing platform fire truck, which is known as "the world's highest" if the dynamometer is not installed at the front and rear, went to Angola with 88 meter and 68 meter high fire trucks, realizing the first batch export of China's high meter high-altitude fire equipment. Liu Tao, deputy director of the International Business Department of XCMG group, said that at present, XCMG has built a global network of 112 dealers, 10 spare parts centers and 350 service stations overseas, and annually exports 10000 mainframe computers to 159 countries, including Brazil, Russia, Australia, Central Asia, the Middle East and other markets. "We have set up R & D centers and European procurement centers in Germany and the United States, and the Brazilian base and six overseas assembly plants in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India have been put into production, steadily promoting the layout of globalization." Liu Tao said

warm the land under your feet with great love

XCMG group, which adheres to construction machinery like planting grain, not only "cultivates deeply" in terms of enterprise spirit, technology, market and so on, but also "loves deeply" the land under your feet. "National earthquake relief hero group", "China Charity outstanding contribution Enterprise Award", "special contribution award for the 20th anniversary of the implementation of Jiangsu hope project"... Honors, recording the song of love composed by XCMG people

on August 3 this year, an earthquake occurred in Ludian, Yunnan, causing great casualties. That night, XCMG decided to organize rescue forces to fully assist in earthquake relief. The next day, XCMG's first batch of 13 equipment arrived in the disaster area, and then more than 20 equipment arrived. "In the face of disaster, we must stand up!" Xu Nan, an employee of XCMG group who was in the first-line rescue at that time, said

not only in Ludian, but also in Wenchuan, Yushu, Ya'an and other earthquake sites, XCMG rescue teams also rushed to the front line at the first time. One XCMG machine that worked hard to provide disaster relief became a touch of warm "XCMG Huang". XCMG dispatched more than 400 large-scale mechanical equipment with a total value of hundreds of millions of yuan and dispatched more than 500 rescuers for several earthquake rescue. In addition, XCMG also extended a helping hand again and again during tornadoes in Northern Jiangsu, typhoons in Taiwan, mudslides in Zhouqu, droughts in the southwest, rainstorms in Fangshan, Beijing and other disasters. In recent years, XCMG has donated more than 65 million yuan to disaster relief and various social public welfare undertakings

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