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The lock industry is facing challenges. Enterprises strive to change their development ideas

lock is the traditional industry of China's hardware industry. Angang aims at the high-end market positioning. In the context of economic globalization, the lock industry strives to change its development ideas to meet the needs of consumers at different levels at home and abroad. Lock is the traditional industry of China's hardware industry. In the context of economic globalization, in the automotive industry, The lock industry strives to change its development ideas, meet the needs of consumers at different levels at home and abroad, and realize the sound and rapid development of the lock industry. First, we should strengthen cooperation with lock making equipment enterprises, eliminate backward equipment, and gradually adopt microcomputer management and semi-automatic production and processing; Second, we should increase investment in technological transformation, especially some large enterprises should actively introduce and digest international advanced processing centers; Third, we should work hard on the surface treatment and processing technology of products, and strive to improve the durability and decoration of products

this year is the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for the lock industry. With the rapid development of pillar industries such as housing, automobile and hotel and the continuous expansion of the demand for high preventive security products in national defense, security and financial systems, the lock market contains great potential and unlimited business opportunities

the lock industry accelerates the adjustment of product structure

the 12th Five Year Plan is a critical period for the development and upgrading of the lock industry. The lock industry will continue to adhere to the market-oriented principle and accelerate the adjustment of product structure. In recent years, the market demand for high-tech and intelligent high-end lock products such as biometric technology and electronic technology has increased by more than 50% every year, and the imported lock products have also increased by 30% every year. At the same time, the automobile lock market also contains huge business opportunities. Lock enterprises will deeply tap the market potential, strengthen the adjustment of product structure, and take high-tech, high value-added products and car locks as the development focus; Work hard on independent intellectual property rights, form self display core technologies and patents based on test results, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and meet the needs of consumers at different levels

improve the overall quality of the industry

the lock industry pays attention to taking talents as the support to improve the overall quality. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the lock industry should not only introduce senior professionals urgently needed by some industries and enterprises, but also speed up the cultivation of talents in short supply in enterprises, create a highly qualified lock making staff team, and provide strong technical support for the sustainable development of Wenzhou's lock industry

innovative marketing mode

the lock industry will take the brand as the link to innovate the marketing mode. The lock industry takes brand enterprises as the link, innovates the marketing mode, and plays the role of traditional tangible markets, franchised stores, franchise stores and various exhibition platforms; Make use of modern network and information technology to vigorously develop the role of network sales and trading platform. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, locks will be formed as soon as possible, with leading enterprises as the core, establish a perfect cooperative supporting system, and lengthen and improve the industrial chain

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