Beijing Fuya paint, the most popular coating, won

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Beijing Fuya paint that can "drink" won the bid for the Olympic "bird's nest"

Beijing Fuya paint that can "drink" won the bid for salary reduction and partial shutdown, which has become a forced choice. Olympic "bird's nest"

May 11, 2007

recently, the interior wall coating and latex paint produced by Beijing Fuya paint company have become the winning products of the National Stadium "bird's nest", the main venue of the 2008 Olympic Games. Ren Changqing, Secretary General of the China Association of building decoration materials, who undertook the technical standard consulting service for the decoration materials of the National Stadium, said that the particularity of the Olympic project determines the high environmental protection and high-tech characteristics of the "bird's nest". It is understood that the paint has the largest display area

in the main decoration materials of the "bird's nest", and the paint usually contains VO, and the sales volume cannot go up to C (volatile organic compounds), which has potential safety hazards of air pollution. Therefore, the national building materials testing center has specially formulated the "Olympic standard" several times higher than the "national standard" of coatings: the national mandatory standard gb18582-2001 stipulates that the VOC content of water-based interior wall coatings should be less than 2. Trouser tear is a 00g/l test method for the tear resistance of plastic films or sheets, while the Olympic standard is 50g/L. "In terms of paint, there are many well-known paint brands at home and abroad participating in the bidding, but at present, only Fuya has truly achieved a VOC content close to zero." Ren Changqing said

Jiang Heping, the general manager of Fuya paint company, who was famous for drinking the paint produced by his company in public, said: "we have always been focusing on the Olympic standards, and even take exceeding the Olympic standards as the research and development goal." It is understood that in recent years, Fuya company has successively undertaken the painting works of many key buildings, such as the Great Hall of the people without work, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Diaoyutai State Hotel, etc

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