Hunan star enterprises counter market expansion

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Turn "danger" into "machine" Hunan star enterprises counter market expansion

turn "danger" into "machine" Hunan star enterprises counter market expansion

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Guide: the industrial production survey data of the first two months just released by Hunan Province shows that Hunan Province's large-scale industrial production has achieved a cumulative added value of 45.028 billion yuan, an increase of 20.6% year-on-year. Among them, the added value in February was 21.014 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.0%. Hunan scale industrial output unexpectedly bucked the trend

the survey data of industrial production in the first two months just released by Hunan Province shows that the accumulated added value of large-scale industrial production in Hunan Province is 45.028 billion yuan, an increase of 20.6% year-on-year

among them, the added value in February was 21.014 billion yuan, an increase of 32.0% year-on-year

the output value of Hunan's large-scale industries unexpectedly rose against the trend. The key is for enterprises to strengthen and save themselves, seize the opportunity to rise against the market in the crisis, and enhance their anti risk ability while enhancing their market competitiveness

pay attention to details and reduce costs to "improve health"

in the face of sudden market fluctuations and crises, some enterprises in Hunan began to devote themselves to finding "weaknesses" in production, operation and management, and made a big article on "saving money"

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since the second half of last year, the price of SBS (third generation synthetic rubber), overseas urea and other petrochemical products has fallen by more than 50%. As the largest and most comprehensive production base of cyclohexanone, SBS and epoxy resin in China, the business pressure of Baling Petrochemical Company can be imagined. The company innovates the "cost culture", and all employees are careful, with inward looking efficiency. Baling Petrochemical's Wharf station can unload up to 6000 tons of crude oil every day. According to the automatic operation procedure, if the oil pump fails to pump oil, the task will be completed. However, crude oil with a thickness of 4 to 5 cm was not pumped up at the bottom of each crude oil barge. The staff of the dock station made the barge tilt to different angles by controlling 10 sealed cabins. They boarded the ship deck and worked for five or six hours every day to suck out the bilge oil. It is estimated that about 2500 tons of crude oil can be recovered for the enterprise every year, generating economic benefits of about 10million yuan

Valin Group, the largest iron and Steel Group in Hunan Province, focuses on improving the efficiency of capital use and strictly controlling expenses. Li xiaoweijie, chairman of the board of directors, is more critical of the quality requirements of CFRP workpieces. Years ago, the total raw material inventory of Xianggang, Lianyungang and Henggang under Valin accounted for 9billion yuan. By actively purchasing new raw materials, the total cost was reduced and the efficiency of logistics was improved, and 2billion yuan was revitalized. To control costs and increase revenue and reduce expenditure, we need the centripetal force of talents as the cornerstone

he Zhenlin, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry, said that the heart of employees is the root of the enterprise. In the current crisis, many large enterprises, including foreign countries, are reducing staff and wages. Sany Heavy Industry has changed "reducing staff and increasing efficiency" to "stabilizing staff and increasing efficiency". The board of directors proposed "no layoffs, no salary reduction, and no application for salary reduction of ordinary employees". Zoomlion, another leading construction machinery enterprise in Hunan, put forward the concept of "trust management", which not only promised all employees "not to lay off staff", but also suspended the implementation of the annual routine "last elimination"

the crisis contains opportunities and seeks victory against the trend

on February 24, Valin acquired 6.48% shares of fmg16, Australia's third largest mining company, for a $1.2 billion, becoming the first steel enterprise in China to obtain the equity of a large foreign mine. At the beginning of the year, the group set a production target of reaching 20million tons of steel by the end of the year. This large-scale overseas M & A, which is considered by the industry to be "at a very good time", will bring a stable, high-quality and low-cost iron ore supply to the expansion and development of Valin. Flowers bloom on the wall and fragrance on the outside. In the chill of the financial crisis, some star enterprises in Hunan have captured major development opportunities in overseas markets. Li Xiaowei, chairman of Valin, said, "2009 will be a brilliant year in the development of the enterprise."

not long ago, Zoomlion also completed the largest merger and acquisition of domestic enterprises in the European industrial field: the acquisition of CIFA in Italy, becoming the world's largest concrete engineering machinery manufacturing supplier. "Although the economic situation is not good, it has left time for the integration of enterprises. By the middle of this year, Zoomlion will have a new look." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of the board, vividly compared this acquisition opportunity to "a leap in the dragon's gate". He pays more attention to the opportunity to transform from a "follower" of the world construction machinery industry to a "leader" in the world. According to the plan, the proportion of overseas sales of Zoomlion in total sales will reach 40% in 2010 and 60% in 2015. Last year, the proportion was 18%

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, commented that the financial crisis has put enterprises under pressure in all aspects in the short term. However, from the perspective of the long-term development and international development strategy of the enterprise, it just brings a rare opportunity for the prepared enterprises to expand at a low cost. Not only the cost of M & A is low, but also the resource integration and system running in between enterprises are more smooth. On January 29, Sany Heavy Industry signed an investment agreement in Germany, investing 100million euros to build a research and development center and machinery manufacturing base

winter training focuses on the long term

although production enterprises are generally facing pressure such as reduced orders, a number of large enterprises in Hunan Province are paying close attention to technological transformation, structural adjustment, and talent reserve, waiting for the market peak to show their skills

it was learned that Valin Group expected to invest 12billion yuan this year to adopt self-locking worm gear structure gold for technical transformation, an increase of 2billion yuan over 2008. Li Xiaowei called this year's technological transformation as the "Huaihai Campaign" of the enterprise. We should not only focus on major technological transformation projects such as 5m wide and thick plate of Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and blast furnace of Hengyang iron and Steel Co., Ltd., but also focus on high-end technologies and products that have a significant impact in the industry, so as to improve the added value of products

strong investment is the basis for enterprises to improve their innovation ability. In recent years, the R & D investment of Sany group, Zoomlion, Shanhe intelligent and other enterprises accounted for about 5% of the sales revenue. This year, the relevant person in charge of these enterprises said that the R & D investment will reach the level of 7% to 9%. Liu Chi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Zoomlion, said that during the year, the focus was on improving the management ability of enterprises, highlighting the "practice" of smooth business processes and enhancing the control of management; "Practice" the management level of the management team and improve the quality of the staff; "Practice" refined management and fully implement 6S management; "Practice" the improvement of the after-sales service system to further win the recognition of customers and the market

Hunan coal group, the largest coal enterprise in Hunan, has made new moves in attracting and reserving talents. On March 16, after public recruitment, 137 junior college graduates from 55 colleges and universities across the country that want to break foreign trade barriers gathered in the school of energy engineering of Xiangtan University to study. After months of professional training, they will officially become employees of Xiangtan coal, taking on professional and technical work such as mining engineering, coal mine geological survey, mining machinery and electrical engineering. According to Ou Ziyuan, Secretary of the Party committee of the group, the joint training plan for special professionals in coal production enterprises launched by the group and Xiangtan University is mainly to attract high-quality talents to join. The group also provides a series of preferential policies such as tuition reduction and exemption for the training of these professionals

in the view of hezhenlin, deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry, the enterprise has strength and confidence to achieve greater development. With the sales in the first two months of this year and the orders in March, the business situation of the enterprise is rapidly recovering and improving. Sany group achieved a sales revenue of 20.9 billion yuan in 2008, and its target this year is 31 billion yuan. In 2012, we will strive to achieve sales revenue of more than 100 billion yuan and become one of the world's top 500

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