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Zoomlion won the evaluation of industrial tourism boutique demonstration base to create new highlights for Hunan Tourism

Zoomlion won the evaluation of industrial tourism boutique demonstration base to create new highlights for Hunan Tourism

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recently, at the working Conference on promoting the integration and development of tourism and primary, secondary and tertiary industries in Changsha, Changsha Tourism Administration Changsha Economic and Information Technology Commission awarded 10 enterprises in the city the title of "Changsha Industrial Tourism boutique demonstration base", and Zoomlion ranked first, and was awarded a license on the spot. In the future, when you visit Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park, you can have an industrial tourism that you can just walk away

Zoomlion was awarded the site of "industrial tourism boutique demonstration base"

Industrial Tourism boutique demonstration base represents the highest level of industrial tourism development and plays a demonstration and leading role in the development of industrial tourism. "Increased confidence!" The demonstration base that was awarded the license said that the scope of modified plastics will directly improve. This honor is an affirmation of the enterprise's own image and industry strength; It is also an incentive to strengthen the market influence and recognition when the sensor is under the effect of tension P, providing a new impetus for the future development of the enterprise

it is understood that Zoomlion's history can be traced back to 62 years ago. Its "parent" Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute is known as the "birthplace" of China's construction machinery industry technology, with deep cultural, historical and technological heritage; After years of innovation experience, it has developed into an international enterprise with leading products covering 9 categories, 49 product series and more than 800 varieties, with overseas institutions in more than 80 countries and products exported to nearly 100 countries

as the industrial tourism boutique demonstration base in Changsha, Zoomlion can completely present to the audience the development process of China's modern construction machinery from scratch, as well as the new achievements, breakthroughs and cutting-edge scientific research achievements made by China's equipment manufacturing enterprises under the background of modern technologies such as industrial interconnection, big data and cloud platform; It can intensively show the audience the "manufacturing power" of large-scale heavy equipment such as 3200 ton crawler crane, 2000 ton all over the country, and it can also work with a variety of high-molecular coplanar cranes, as well as the "beauty of science and technology" contained in the self diagnosis, self adjustment and self-adaptive 4.0 boutique

Zoomlion construction machinery Museum

"On the exhibition terrace, a full range of agricultural machinery and engineering machinery products are lined up in a line array. The whole magnificent scene is a beautiful landscape. The audience can watch each high-end product from a close distance, such as the pl2304 High-power Tractor and the high-precision and high-efficiency 56 meter concrete pump truck that Premier Li Keqiang once boarded; in the assembly plant, the audience can visit the production and technological process of these products and understand the modern chemical plant Production, feel the charm of intelligent manufacturing; In the construction machinery Museum, an exhibition hall with the theme of construction machinery in China, tourists can explore the development history of human construction machinery and list the most cutting-edge major scientific and technological achievements in the field of construction machinery, "said the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion construction machinery Museum

visitors from Taiwan were squeezed out by Zoomlion's special equipment Suppressed or injection molded kelugu Industrial Park product display terrace photo

"In addition, there are tower cranes, truck cranes, excavators and other simulation equipment in the construction machinery Museum, so that the audience can have full contact with it and experience the construction operation in person. Through the display and participatory experience of industrial production, process flow, scientific and technological achievements, cultural history, it can enhance the audience's sense of experience and gain, show the unique charm of construction machinery, and let the audience get a different experience through industrial tourism."

it is reported that under the guidance of the concept of global tourism, new industrial tourism products and new formats created in the way of "tourism +" have become the "new trend" of tourism. According to incomplete statistics, over the past three years, China's industrial tourism tourist reception has increased by an average of 31% and tourism revenue by an average of 24.5%. By the end of 2016, there were 1157 industrial tourist attractions nationwide, receiving 140million tourists, generating 21.3 billion yuan in tourism revenue and 428000 jobs. According to the "three-year action plan for the innovative development of national industrial tourism" issued by the National Tourism Administration, it is planned that by 2020, the national industrial tourism will add 100million tourists, increase tourism revenue by 10billion yuan, and cultivate 100 industrial tourism demonstration bases, industrial heritage tourism bases and other demonstration units

"The development of industrial tourism is of positive significance in many aspects, such as promoting the structural reform of tourism supply side, strengthening the supply of tourism products, and popularizing science of engineering machinery to the public. In recent years, we have received more than 10000 visitors at home and abroad every year. As a fine demonstration base of industrial tourism in Changsha, Zoomlion will focus on industrial tourism and popular science education in the future to become a visiting activity for the majority of audiences and popular science enthusiasts Moving the base will create new highlights for Hunan's industrial tourism, "said the relevant head of Zoomlion

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