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Hunan Shaodong Xiancha bridge: play the symphony of hardware production

Shaodong Xiancha bridge hardware technology entrepreneurship Industrial Park

Red moment Zhang Jindong, Chen Jie, Shaodong reported

Shaodong hardware "pulls" the world

in late autumn, walking in xianchaqiao hardware technology entrepreneurship Industrial Park in Shaodong City, the sound of machine rotation and steel bar collision came from all directions, like playing a symphony of hardware production

Shaodong is a famous "hometown of hardware". The industry started early, developed rapidly, has many categories and a large number. The "Xiancha bridge three knives" (scissors, kitchen knives, razors) was once famous

after decades of development accumulation, today's Shaodong hardware is embarking on a new industrial development path of "specialization and innovation", which also makes xianchaqiao the first batch of provincial-level characteristic industrial towns

with a history of thousands of years, Xiancha bridge hardware has a development history of thousands of years

according to historical records, in the first year of emperor Ping of the Han Dynasty, xianchaqiao town began to use indigenous iron smelting to cast swords. In the first five years of emperor Ping of the Han Dynasty, it was established as the Marquis of Zhaoyang. Because of the discovery of iron ore, manganese ore and coal, it made iron and cast swords here. Since then, the hardware of Xiancha bridge has a history of 2000 years

media bank and Luoda V visited Shaodong hardware exhibition hall

in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, the hardware technology around Xiancha bridge began to rise. Making knives and scissors became the best skill of blacksmiths, and the products sold well all over the world

after the founding of new China, Shaodong's knives and scissors were further developed. Especially after the reform and opening up, the wave of market economy swept across the land of China, and also made Shaodong, a small city located in the hinterland of central Hunan, glow with new vitality. In the urban construction area of xianchaqiao Town, a number of hardware professional villages have emerged, among which the adjustable wrench has become one of the important production bases in the country. A group of hardworking and resourceful Shaodong people have provided technical support and professional team support, and have a larger stage to display

PENG Caiqing is one of them. In 1993, Peng Caiqing, who helped others with OEM packaging, came into contact with hardware, and then continued to travel around to contact the hardware business. Three years later, after accumulating a certain amount of wealth, he rented the xianchaqiao agricultural machinery factory at that time as the base for processing hardware, and helped others process hammers, axes, knives, scissors, pliers and other tools on behalf of others. Since then, the company has taken shape. Later, in response to the call of the government, he moved the factory to xianchaqiao old industrial park and established fulija Tools Co., Ltd., which specializes in adjustable wrenches and wrenches, and the market is growing

in the new century, Shaodong hardware technology continues to innovate, and the hardware industry has jumped out of the circle of traditional hardware, gradually realized transformation and upgrading, and the production is moving towards intelligence and automation

the pace of leading hardware to continue to move forward falls on the shoulders of the new generation of hardware people. In 2018, with the increasingly fierce market competition, Peng Caiqing began to consciously "delegate power" and let his son Peng bin shoulder a greater burden

raw materials for producing hardware products

generations of artisans have followed the ancient law and passed on the spirit of ingenuity from generation to generation. Shaodong hardware industry is also iterating and innovating in the inheritance

in Shaodong, there are more than 480 hardware tool manufacturers such as fulika, including 53 large-scale enterprises and more than 500 professional production lines, forming a complete industrial chain of smelting, forging and logistics, and firmly sitting in the "top position" in the domestic market. Their products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and other places

the government has set up the stage, and enterprises have more than 200 models, with an annual output of more than 20 million, which is the wrench production capacity of Shaodong Yongxing Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. for one year

there are three ways of digital LCD display and computer control display in the production workshop of hardware products enterprises

in Shaodong, there is a saying: give me a wrench, I can pry the world

although exaggerated, it also truly reflects the popularity and influence of Shaodong hardware

"we prepared 500 booths for the first hardware and electromechanical Expo. At that time, there was the influence of molding processing (for example, the way of molding processing and processing conditions led to changes in crystallinity and orientation. I'm worried that no one will come. For the fourth Expo next year, 1500 booths have been booked up." Ning dengwen, chairman of Shaoyang Hardware Industry Association, said proudly

the hardware and electromechanical Expo, held once a year and has been held for three consecutive sessions, is a professional hardware and electromechanical exhibition focused on by Shaodong City, which has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the hardware industry, including xianchaqiao wrench

lead the development of industrial clusters. In 2016, not far from the old industrial park, Shaodong focused on building the hardware science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park in xianchaqiao Town, so that the new and old parks can complement each other and integrate organically

"on December 12, 2016, it was officially started. In less than three years, the hardware science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park, a core area of the hardware industry with a total investment of 600million yuan and an area of 1500 mu, has been preliminarily completed." Yangyiliang, the mayor of xianchaqiao Town, has a fresh memory of the date of the commencement of the industrial park

interview the person in charge of the enterprise

at present, with the entry of 10 leading enterprises including Hunan Ningqing Aerospace Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Shaodong little giant intelligent Forging Co., Ltd. and Hunan Shaofeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which have not yet effectively solved the problem of redundant low-end production capacity, 11 backbone enterprises of the industrial chain have entered the park and put into production. Relying on the complete industrial chain of the new and old parks, they have gradually become Shaoyang hardware forging and pressing center, Shaoyang Hardware electroplating Center Shaoyang hardware R & D center, Shaodong hardware intelligent manufacturing center

from the ancient weapon manufacturing base more than 2000 years ago to the tea horse ancient road of "hardware in the mountains" in the 18th century; From the manual workshop of "ignition and smoke from every household" to the new development road of "specialization, innovation and cross-border integration"; From the planning and layout of "small hardware and large industry" to the 10 billion Park, xianchaqiao hardware industry is full of vitality

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