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Ercom, a telecom solution provider, launched a secure short message service

ercom enhances its secure communication function through a new function: secure short message service

in the switching process

according to foreign media reports, enhanced has now become a necessary tool for professionals. In order to help government agencies and enterprises communicate in a reassuring way, ercom launched cryptosmart mobile suite in 2008. Check whether the dial passive needle can point to zero. This is a patent based and proven solution for mobile communication. It can protect voice and data transmission at the same time, encrypt the data stored on the device, and prevent multimedia information service (MMS), short message service (SMS) and Internet attacks

these functions have been upgraded through secure SMS services

secure SMS service brings three security features:

confidentiality: SMS service is encrypted

secure SMS service is a supplement to secure data. In fact, professional users continue to use SMS services in some communications. These tongmoco Frank letters do not need to use any email address. In addition, in some cases, users cannot access the data network (poor mobile coverage, lack of data roaming protocols, etc., and gradually develop and utilize degradable plastics, etc.). CTI Forum Report

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