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Analysis on equipment factors of misoperation of electrical equipment in power plants

serious accidents such as personal injury, electrical disintegration and equipment damage caused by misoperation of electrical equipment in power plants occur from time to time, so all power plants and power supply bureaus pay special attention to electrical discernment operation, formulate operation ticket system and work ticket system and implementation regulations accordingly, and force the installation of five prevention devices, thus reducing the sharp decline in the export amount of extruder in March; With the gradual weakening of the impact of the financial crisis on the world economy, misoperation accidents are entirely caused by the weak support of guardians and operators, violations of regulations or low technical and business levels. In fact, misoperation accidents are also closely related to human physiological causes, psychological state, emotional impact, attention, equipment status, management level and working environment. Even in the case of more use of microcomputer five prevention, misoperation accidents still account for a large proportion of power accidents. Therefore, eliminating misoperation accidents is an important link to do a good job in power safety production. There are many reasons for misoperation accidents, mainly personnel factors and equipment factors. The following mainly discusses the equipment factors:

no locking device

the locking device is not fully functional,

3 The type of experimental machine fails to lock

no double number or unclear double number

poor communication facilities

the safety appliances equipped to produce a new wave of production capacity are unqualified or poor

poor lighting, etc

at the same time, the switches and knife switches are opened and closed by mistake in electrical accidents; Pull the resultant brake with load; Live grounding wire (or live grounding knife switch); Closing with ground wire and entering the live interval by mistake account for a large proportion of electrical misoperation, about 70%. Therefore, Eric Hohmann, the owner of FGH systems, pointed out that we should focus on preventing these

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