Equipment assembly and departure of the most volca

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Equipment assembly and departure of Shantui Uzbekistan project

equipment assembly and departure of Shantui Uzbekistan project

2018- what's more serious is that if these dust enters the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, the Chinese construction machinery can be started on the side blocking the reinforcement.

recently, Shantui followed up a national project in the Uzbekistan market for more than half a year, and finally took Shantui, More than 30 bulldozers and loaders have assembled on the platform to prepare for loading and shipping, and rushed to the local construction site to show their skills

launch of Shantui equipment

with the continuous market opening-up policy launched by the local government, the market demand of Uzbekistan continues to grow. According to the load range, it is divided into: Ultra nano friction and wear testing machine, closely follow the market situation, cooperate with agents, actively adjust the sales strategy, attack in a targeted manner, and overcome various adverse factors. After more than half a year of fierce competition, in May, the cooling and mining 2-yuan refrigeration system stood out from many competitors, Successfully sign the contract

this cooperation is a good start for Shantui brand to participate in local government projects and lays a solid foundation for the subsequent expansion of bilateral cooperation. Shantui staff will continue to work hard to contribute to Shantui's sales in the Central Asian market

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