Equipment upgrading and transformation of Tongliao

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Tongliao power plant equipment "upgrading" transformation to promote efficiency

China Power News correspondent Zhang Ying, sun Qingguo reported on the selection of the appropriate model of electronic universal experimental machine. In order to further improve the automation level of the fuel transportation system, complete the coal unloading and storage task with high quality and efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for safe production, Tongliao power plant has recently completed the transformation of the fuel transportation No. 2 dumper system, which took more than two months, With the first loaded car of Track 8 of the railway pushed into the No. 2 car dumper, it marks that the car dumper system has entered the trial operation stage

the company attaches great importance to the trial operation. The production function department and the fuel transportation sub field work closely together to organize and hold the trial operation coordination meeting of No. 2 car dumper. The preparation should see whether there is a detailed trial operation plan attached with the verification certificate of the cement metering station of the national building materials administration, and assign a special person to be responsible for the trial operation, coordinate all work during the trial operation, and ensure the safety of the trial operation of the car dumper. At the same time, the fuel transportation sub field makes full use of the opportunity of equipment trial operation, organizes each team to study and train the operators on duty responsible for the operation of No. 2 car dumper, actively learns the operating procedures with the manufacturer's technical personnel, is familiar with the technical specifications of the newly modified equipment, master the equipment performance and the handling methods of general fault points, so that the new technology, new methods and new procedures can be learned and understood, and the operation skills can be skilled to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment

since the start of the equipment transformation on August 27, each team of the fuel transportation sub field has set up special personnel to manage the safety and technology, implement the post to person, strictly implement the pre job meeting system in the work, and clearly implement the dangerous points and safety technical measures one by one; What we should pay attention to in the work is that during the completion process, through certain strategies to strengthen the guidance of safety technology inspection, the node work is accepted, and the operation safety and operation quality are controllable and under control

it is reported that this transformation is mainly about automation and turnover. The product is called desmocomp car machine hydraulic system transformation, which is transformed from the manual operation of heavy cattle, car dumper, car moving platform and empty cattle in the past to centralized operation, which greatly improves the safety performance and automation of the car dumper system, effectively tamps the production safety of the fuel transportation system, and also provides a solid guarantee for the long-term stability of the company's safe production

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