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Ping'an building equipment hoisting technology

1. project overview

Ping the machine has horizontal and vertical types. Andaxia is an intelligent comprehensive building with frame shear wall structure, three floors in the basement of the building, 33 floors above the ground, and the total height of the building is 126m. The building is equipped with a central air conditioning system. The chiller and water pump room are located on the 31st floor, and the cooling tower is located on the 32nd floor. The installation elevation of the chiller and water pump is 104m, the installation elevation of the cooling tower is 110m, and the weight of the chiller is 7.8T. The outline geometry and dimensions of the water chiller are shown in the table:

2. Site construction conditions

the building is located on the side of Wuyi Road, near the downtown street, and close to Wuyi Road in the East. It is also the gate for the transportation of materials and equipment, and the ground is narrow; A tower crane is set at the west end of the south, and the foundation of the tower crane is 50m away from the gate. The clear distance between the South and the Shengzi building is only 4m wide, and the ground is the underground roof of Ping'an building. The equipment weight is heavy, and it cannot be rolled directly on the ground. Reinforcement measures must be taken. The horizontal and vertical transportation of equipment and construction technology are a key to the installation and construction of water chillers

3. hoisting difficulties

the chiller has large tonnage, large volume, high hoisting height and tight construction period. It is necessary to select suitable hoisting machinery and process flow, and the maximum hoisting height is 121m. The following hoisting scheme is selected:

the installation construction scheme of the air conditioning equipment room depends on the reasonable selection of the vertical hoisting of the chiller. Because the chiller is large and the center of gravity of the equipment is not on the central axis, the original hoisting construction scheme is considered to use the building structure to fix the herringbone puller for hoisting, and the analysis and comparison are carried out according to the ground site conditions and the influence of many adverse factors arising from the lifting with the puller, The final lifting plan is to rectify and strengthen the anchor point of the tower crane and change the method of threading and winding the steel rope of the pulley block of the tower crane hook. The compiled program can be stored in the microcomputer for calculation and trial lifting, which can really meet the lifting of equipment weight

4. Hoisting process flow

after making construction preparations, fix a winch on the tower crane foundation at the west end to cooperate with the two door pulley block. Since the roof of the first underground floor is below the horizontal transportation channel, 4 × zero point two × A 0.2m long rectangular sleeper is laid on the road, on which some rollers are placed. A 16t truck crane is set to lift the chiller from the trailer to the sleeper, and then the winch is used for horizontal transportation. When it is transported to a certain position, it is directly lifted by the tower crane, and the above steps are repeated until the lifting is completed

Figure 1 hoisting horizontal transportation figure

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of roof height

5. Main technical measures for hoisting of water chiller

the original hoisting steel rope of the tower crane is a single rope, with a length of 400m and a diameter of φ 14m makes up for the shortage of M. the maximum hoisting height of the chiller is 121m and the maximum weight is 8t, so it can not meet the hoisting of the chiller. All wire ropes must be replaced, and the rope length is required to be 630m. Rope diameter is φ 15mm, the threading double door pulley block is in the form of 4-rope single running head; Reinforce the top two anchor points of the tower, send personnel to inspect and repair all the anchor points of the tower crane, make records of the inspection, and replace the lifting rope while strengthening the tower; Check whether the lifting lugs of the equipment are in good condition; Check whether all rigging and pulley blocks with spring washers are qualified. In the process of lifting on site, there should be special power supply lines and ensure that the power supply voltage is not less than 370v

6. Safety measures in the process of equipment hoisting

① full time safety officers should be set up on the construction site to uniformly manage safety production

② strictly implement the new national safety standards, and make obvious signs in the lifting operation area, and do not operate without permission

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