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One of the plastic bottle Giants: Fuzhou Baixing 70% equity transfer

pet bottles have a promising prospect

according to the property exchange, PET bottles now have a promising development prospect. PET bottles produced by Baxing polyester have a high market share in Fujian Province. It provides special pet carbonated bottles for Pepsi Cola, an international brand carbonated material, and has a stable sales market and sales volume. It is reported that the equipment used by the company is a fully computer-controlled automatic bottle blowing production line imported from Germany

with the rapid development of China's beverage, dairy and other liquid food industries, the packaging industry of liquid food has also entered a period of rapid development in the automotive field, gradually forming a competition pattern in the packaging industry in which the four major materials of paper, plastic, glass and metal are the mainstream in the current market. According to the data of Canadean consulting company, in terms of market share, pet plastic bottles account for more than 20%, accounting for the largest market share. PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, airtight, pressure resistant and easy to shape. With the continuous improvement of PET plastic bottle technology and the emergence of upgraded products, coupled with the increasing demand of modern consumers for the convenience of carrying beverages, pet plastic bottles are gradually eroding the market share of other packaging products

chinacitylimited recently listed and transferred 70% of the equity of Fuzhou Baixing polyester Co., Ltd. at the Fujian equity exchange, with a transfer price of 18.2 million yuan. Coupled with the transferred shapeways' first full-color plastic 3D printing materials The transfer base price of 58 yuan of creditor's rights is about 21.8622 million yuan in total

the equity exchange said that chinacitylimited's equity transfer may be to expand the company's main business and divest related assets of its auxiliary businesses. On the other hand, the market share of Baixing polyester PET bottle products in Fujian is in the upper middle scale, and the performance is relatively good

transfer equity and focus on the main business

Fuzhou Baixing polyester Co., Ltd. was established on May 7, 1999 as a Sino foreign joint venture. The registered capital of the company is 10.5 million yuan, and its business scope is the production of PET bottle products and other packaging materials. At present, there are 54 contract employees. Chinacitylimited holds 70% of the equity of Baixing polyester, of which 27.5% is held on behalf of the company's employees, and China Light Industry Foreign Economic and technological cooperation Fujian company accounts for 30% of the equity

according to the announcement of the equity exchange, as of December 31, 2007, the total book assets of the company were 27277928.13 yuan, the total liabilities were 9399069.67 yuan, and the owner's equity was 17878858.46 yuan. After evaluation, as of the benchmark date of December 31st, 2007, the total assets of the company were 27418951.95 yuan, the total liabilities were 9400446.67 yuan, and the total net assets were 18018505.28 yuan

according to the introduction of the exchange, but the repeatability is not set at a high level; On the contrary, the transferor chinacitylimited is a company established overseas by Fujian Huamin import and Export Co., Ltd. According to the company's information, Huamin group is mainly engaged in import and export trade, auto parts production, forestry planting and development, property investment, mining investment, biotechnology investment and other projects. The company has set up two wholly-owned subsidiaries abroad, Huabo Trading (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Huamin (Russia) Co., Ltd., which are engaged in trade and the production and sales of shoe products. According to the exchange, the company's transfer of equity of Baixing polyester is likely to mainly develop the company's main business and divest its auxiliary industries

the announcement said that the transferee can be domestic and foreign enterprises, and should be engaged in beverage canning enterprises and similar industries; The transferee shall agree to accept all the existing employees, and also agree to accept the creditor's right of the transferor to Fuzhou Baixing polyester Co., Ltd. at the same time. The amount of the creditor's right is 58 yuan, actually

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