Epichlorohydrin leakage in Guangzhou 101

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Epichlorohydrin leakage occurred in "10.1" in Guangzhou

epichlorohydrin leakage occurred in "10.1" in Guangzhou

in October 2005, the transformation of the graphite industry was in urgent need. At about 0:10 a.m. on October 1, a car accident occurred near the Armed Police Hospital of Guangzhou North Ring Expressway: a container car from Shenzhen crashed into an epichlorohydrin tank car with Henan license plate parked on the roadside for maintenance, causing 1 death and 3 injuries on the spot, And cause epichlorohydrin leakage on the vehicle

according to witnesses, the chemical tanker with Henan license plate malfunctioned when it drove to the opposite direction of the Armed Police Hospital on the North Ring Expressway at about 12 a.m. that day. Because the car is relatively large, there are three rows of tires in the front, middle and rear. Four people came down from the car to repair the car, and three of them went under the car for repair. Less than 10 minutes after three people got into the car, a vehicle with Shenzhen "Guangdong B" license plate drove from the rear. 1. The driver may be tired because of the use of polypropylene materials in the car interior, and he didn't see the situation ahead. He hit the back of the chemical car and damaged the tank containing chemicals. What's more serious is that three people under the car were pressed under the tires, one on the left and two on the right

because the cargo tank was hit and cracked, the "epichlorohydrin" gas in it was scattered around the car, and the smell was very pungent. Firefighters tried to lift the tanker with a crane at first, but the lifting rope was broken because the tanker was too heavy. It was not until around 1:20 that the staff lifted the roof with a jack, rescued the two people under the car and quickly sent them to the opposite armed police equipped polycarbonate hospital for treatment. The surface damage caused by rough polishing is a secondary consideration, so it also caused two lanes of the North Ring Expressway to be blocked

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