Epilog company of the United States launched a new

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Epilog company of the United States launched a new laser engraving machine

according to overseas media reports, epilog company of the United States launched the latest laser engraving machine, which has the latest ultra-high driving technology, with a resolution of 1200dpi (points per inch), suitable for mass-produced liquid crystal display (LCD) and other industries

epilog's laser engraving machine adopts an air-cooled carbon dioxide laser head, with a power from 30 watts to 120 watts. It is controlled by a computer. It is suitable for mass production and a small amount of proofing. Its dual optical lens can engrave and cut irregular and cylindrical objects at the same time, and can make a gradual effect according to different colors. Its biggest feature is the addition of a new ultra-high driving function, The built-in automatic focusing system and air blowing system can increase the service life of the laser head. It is suitable for engraving or cutting wood, plastic, spray painted copper, stone, electroplated aluminum, glass, crystal, wine glass, leather, cloth, rubber stamp, ceramics, paper and other materials. The working area of the engraving machine is 60.96 × 50.8 cm, the maximum cutting area of LCD panel is 7.62 × 10.16 cm, highly chemical fiber new materials have a promising prospect, and can be carved 22.8 cm with the development and utilization of new materials

this model adopts a special bearing (ABEC Ⅲ industrial grade) with I-type bearings in structure, with a hardness of T-6 grade, quiet and no noise during travel, a specially widened transmission belt design, and a motor that automatically adjusts the tightness, high accuracy and long service life. The focusing lens can be extracted, and the focal length of the lens is divided into 300, 400, 600dpi and other different resolutions. The design of the reflector adopts inductive processing, which can withstand 500 watts of laser power. It is suitable for engraving, cutting, marking and printing of electronic parts, gifts, seals, medals, fonts, fabrics, various keys, membrane switches, printed circuit boards, keyboards, instrument panels, etc., and is widely used

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