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Epson took over the green brand of frequent government procurement with energy-saving products

it is reported that the theme of this meeting is the opportunities and challenges of government procurement during the 12th Five Year Plan period according to 3D tiger understanding. Epson and other manufacturers shortlisted in the government procurement list attended the meeting to express their views on relevant topics of government procurement. At the same time, Epson showed at the meeting the black-and-white ink-jet printer k100 and the black-and-white ink-jet machine K200, which were popular with government users. The black-and-white ink-jet printer k100 and the black-and-white ink-jet all-in-one machine K200, which showed energy-saving characteristics and excellent printing effect and stability, won the praise and affirmation of the government leaders present

government green procurement is becoming increasingly important

as one of the largest procurement behaviors in the social economy, government procurement has a very significant impact on the social economy. The change of procurement policy has a very obvious impact on social and economic development, industrial structure and public living environment. Therefore, government procurement is becoming a wind vane for enterprises to formulate product direction and strategy

nowadays, with the deteriorating environment and the increasing call for the development of circular economy, government procurement is developing and transitioning to green procurement. Government green procurement is playing an increasingly important role in guiding the green development of social economy. In this year's 12th Five Year Plan, the Chinese government once again emphasized how to reduce the carbon footprint and develop a green economy, and issued a list of government green purchases to encourage enterprises to actively promote the research and development of green products

Epson moves with the trend, and energy-saving products appear frequently

enterprises are the objects of government procurement. To achieve green procurement, enterprises must vigorously promote green technology and product innovation. As an environmental leading enterprise, Epson has always been at the forefront of environmental protection, complying with the trend of government green procurement, and constantly studying the core technologies of province, small and fine. Its products have been listed on the government procurement list of energy-saving products for many years

this year, Epson has made new moves in energy saving, launching the k100/k200 black-and-white commercial inkjet printer series. Relying on Epson's unique micro piezoelectric printing technology, the working energy consumption is only 15W, which is 1/20 of that of desktop laser printers, once again refreshing the energy consumption record of desktop printers. The standard wired network function can save the waste of energy consumption caused by additional print servers. The automatic two-sided printing function can save 50% of paper and help reduce the cutting of trees. It is estimated that if the entry-level black-and-white laser printers expected to be sold in the Chinese market in 2011 are replaced by these two black-and-white inkjet printers, 4.43 million trees can be planted for the earth in one year

in addition to energy saving, k100/k200 also put forward the concept of healthy printing for the first time, using durabriteuil full-color waterproof pigment ink unique to Epson. There is no styrene in the printing process. According to the new changes in the situation of energy-saving buildings, ozone and carbon dust emissions, and low energy consumption also greatly reduces electromagnetic radiation, which is more conducive to building a healthy office and building a new oil refining and chemical base with complete industrial chain; At the same time, the environment of coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry and biochemical industry should be coupled

popular with users

Epson k100/k200 has the advantages of energy saving, health, money saving and high efficiency, which meet the requirements of government green procurement. It has been popular since it was listed. At the meeting, Epson k100/k200 commercial inkjet printer series also attracted the attention of government leaders

in addition to k100/k200, Epson has a number of products working in government departments: meoffice85nd for red headed documents and official documents printing, meoffice960fwd for office documents printing/copying/scanning, PLQ-20K and lq-630k for ID card and bill printing respectively. These products not only bring users the enjoyment of green office, but also help government departments optimize office processes and improve office efficiency

from this year's annual meeting of China government procurement Yearbook, we can see that green procurement is the general trend. It is believed that with the continuous implementation of the government's green procurement policy, energy-saving products such as Epson k100/k200 will become popular products, and will also bring broader development space to enterprises pursuing energy conservation

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