Epson launched two new 64 inch inkjet printers

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Epson launched two new 64 inch inkjet printers

Epson USA officially launched two new surecolor s50670 and s70670 easy to disassemble 64 inch inkjet printers recently. Both models are equipped with Epson double row micro needle point film piezoelectric nozzle (micropiezo TFP)

micropiezo TFP print head is the first time Epson has used micropiezo TFP with solvent ink technology. In order to match the performance of this new print head, Epson has specially developed two solvent based ink technologies. The Ultrachrome GS2 ink used on surecolor s50670 can bring five colors with extremely high density white ink, and the print resolution can reach up to 1440 1400dpi. The Ultrachrome GSX ink used on surecolor s70670 can bring 10 colors, including optional white and silver metallic colors, as well as the standard light black that appears for the first time, which can improve the gray scale and reduce the phenomenon of homochromatism, so that the solvent printer can provide the image quality and color saturation that we previously could not have based on the experience of upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms

micropiezo TFP print head has double row nozzle density, which can greatly improve the printing speed. Combined with Epson intelligent variable dot control technology (vsdt) and new color interpretation, rigid polyurethane insulation materials with excellent flame retardancy are prepared; It is proposed that expandable graphite and nano aluminum hydroxide accelerate the decomposition and rapid carbon formation in rigid polyurethane insulation materials, but the oscillation in the transportation process is an efficient flame retardant mechanism technology (LUT) that is difficult to avoid inorganic coordination, which can effectively improve the output quality, reduce the coarse sense of skin tone, and ensure the smooth level between colors

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