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Huanxin: how to help customer service accumulate knowledge, improve efficiency and standardize service

with the mobile Internet and the arrival of the artificial intelligence era, the rapid growth of the number of users has become an inevitable trend, which means that customer service is facing great challenges. Customers will pay more and more attention to the professionalism and service of customer service personnel, and will put forward high requirements for the timeliness of service

at present, the intelligent input and answer of customer service are not what they asked, and the long waiting time of customers is very serious. What is the biggest pain point in the process of customer service

01 industry dilemma

1. The customer service business is growing rapidly. Different customer service representatives give different answers, and the solutions are inconsistent

the product and business of the enterprise are updated rapidly, which requires customer service personnel to quickly master and uniformly and normatively deliver solutions to customers. There is no industry that extends from the manufacturing of electronic product shell to the product interior. It needs a knowledge platform that supports multi-channel but unified and standard content

2. Mobility of customer service staff new employees do not know business solutions

in the case of extreme thinking, there are only two people in the enterprise, one is an experienced old employee, and the other is a new employee who has just joined

. How can the knowledge and experience of the old employee be transferred? How can new employees grow rapidly

knowledge management is to solve the problem of knowledge and experience inheritance of these two employees in the enterprise

3. High requirements for customer satisfaction. No waiting, no queuing. Ask whenever you want. Respond immediately when a problem arises

with the development of society today, users have been used to enjoying various conveniences due to the great variety of choices. If they want to get them, they should get them immediately. This enlightens us that the customer service system for customer service needs to be smarter. Simple problems can be solved through self-service, while complex problems can also be served quickly when they find manual customer service

02 related views

facing the problems of customers with both breadth and depth, only those customer service personnel with rich work experience can cope with them. But where can we find such a customer service? The only feasible solution to this challenge is to formulate and manage the customer service knowledge base through the accumulation of usual problems, and then guide the process so that all customer service personnel can quickly and accurately find the corresponding knowledge, so that they can produce unified and quick answers

importance of customer service knowledge base

customer service managers all believe that the key to successful customer service process is to transfer appropriate knowledge to customer service and customers at the right time

however, most enterprises do not have a good knowledge management method and solution for customer service representatives. This means that customer service representatives have to face complex problems without support, self-service is more difficult, and the quality of service is impossible

as a manager of an enterprise, how can we make customer service have fast and efficient service quality, how can we make new employees take up their posts quickly, and how can we reduce the repeated problems of customers? All these can be solved through the customer service knowledge base

as long as the customer raises complex questions, the customer service can quickly and automatically find the corresponding articles from the knowledge base without language organization, and send them to the customer in the form of graphic messages. This is Huanxin customer service knowledge base

03 Huanxin customer service knowledge base

Huanxin customer service knowledge base contains accumulated, summarized and precipitated experience, such as product introduction, function description, business process, etc. Huanxin customer service knowledge base can update, modify and add knowledge points at any time, so that the corresponding answers to the questions that may cause harm to the environment are unique and interlinked, saving customer service input time. Huanxin customer service knowledge base is intelligent oriented and the most powerful support for the efficient operation of customer service personnel

first, the administrator needs to enter the management mode to add knowledge base content on the knowledge base page. The knowledge base content can be imported by downloading the template with one click, or directly uploading local files, or directly adding three methods

the content of the knowledge base can be pure text or graphic messages, and the text format is supported. Each knowledge consists of title, knowledge content (plain text or graphic message) and attachment

then the administrator classifies the added knowledge content. Click Manage classification to add the classification name. Such as product introduction, activity description, etc

finally, in the customer service mode, the customer service can select the knowledge in the knowledge base and send it to the customer in the form of graphic messages. It can improve the personalization of the service, improve customer satisfaction, reduce customer service processing time, and make the operation more efficient

application scenario 1 product introduction

customers usually initiate some conventional and complex product consultation questions, and many of them still contain a lot of content, which cannot be explained clearly in a few words. In many cases, the reason why the customer service is inefficient in communicating with customers is that the expression ability of each customer service is very similar without money. However, high-level customer service is always in the minority. At this time, we need written or even professional statements accumulated in our customer service knowledge base. This not only standardizes the unified caliber of new and old customer service personnel, but also improves the work efficiency of customer service

application scenario 2 e-commerce activities

mobile e-commerce often holds some promotional activities on a regular or irregular basis. During the event, service requests may increase ten or more times than usual. What problems will occur in the customer service process when the number of customer groups is large, the consultation frequency is high, and the problem repetition is high? What are the common problems? This requires the help of the knowledge base function of image text mixing

application scenario 3 business process

many common FAQs have the attachment function, but the customer service personnel usually query in the process, that is, the time is very short. The process of opening items, downloading attachments, and opening files is too long. The waiting time for users is too long and the cost is high. At this time, you will find that the knowledge required by customers may not only be a certain point in a directory, but also include many points in different directories and dimensions. Push it to the customer through a flow chart, and the customer will feel that the service is considerate and considerate

the role of Huanxin customer service knowledge base

the diversification of service channels, the continuous improvement of customer requirements, and the continuous increase of labor costs, while Huanxin customer service knowledge base can grasp the core demands and pain points of customers, find the most appropriate answers in the limited time when there are obstacles in the process of lifting the pendulum, and then convey them to customers in the most accurate language and intuitive pictures. It can not only help enterprises reduce labor costs, expand service duration, improve user perception, and realize a new customer service model that saves customers' worry and enterprises' money. It can also accumulate knowledge management, help the customer service department to achieve knowledge accumulation, improve personnel efficiency and realize standardized services

characteristics of Huanxin customer service knowledge base

04 summary

in order to realize real intelligent customer service, it is necessary to manage the input of the client as a kind of core knowledge from the perspective of understanding the customer language, defining the customer problem, establishing the problem-solving model and knowledge matching, so as to precipitate the explicit and implicit knowledge of personnel in different roles such as seat representatives, knowledge base operators, quality inspection and training, Only by analyzing and applying these knowledge in a unified way can we truly achieve intelligent service and automatic service

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