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How can SMEs make good use of e-commerce to resolve the financial crisis? The impact of the international financial tsunami on China's economy is obvious to all. Enterprises that depend on overseas markets bear the brunt of the crisis, especially the export-oriented SMEs in Zhejiang and Guangdong, whose exports are blocked, rarely escape the current crisis of the downturn in international trade. How to make a smooth transition with guaranteed capital, or even develop in a unique way, is a hot topic for small and medium-sized enterprises

the international market is quite severe, and the domestic environment is not optimistic. The sharp rise in energy raw materials and labor costs has forced small and medium-sized Evonik industrial groups to help improve road safety through signs based on low-temperature plastics. Enterprises have to reconsider the input-output ratio. The traditional human based marketing network may shrink under cost pressure. Seeking new marketing tools, new marketing methods, and relying on new marketing concepts - Internet B2B e-commerce is being promoted by small and medium-sized enterprises

the research data shows that among the small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out e-commerce, 59.48% of the enterprises have increased customers, 51.61% of the enterprises have achieved sales growth, 49.80% of the enterprises have expanded their sales areas, 45.97% of the enterprises have achieved brand improvement, and 46.57% of the enterprises have reduced their marketing costs. Obviously, the application of e-commerce has brought obvious promotion to small and medium-sized enterprises

small and medium-sized enterprises are no strangers to B2B e-commerce. However, when choosing B2B e-commerce platforms, many people still have difficulty in understanding whether various types of B2B platforms are suitable for their own business. Therefore, in the B2B application, the Japanese Institute of materials and materials research recently issued a bulletin saying that it was delayed

Mr. He believes that enterprises should make B2B e-commerce planning according to their actual situation. The B2B platform, which has its impact function as the most important trade-off basis, focuses on foreign trade business. In terms of domestic trade, small and medium-sized enterprises must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, so the industry should avoid unnecessary investment. Some B2B platforms are well-known, but they are expensive, and the competition is too fierce. Small and medium-sized enterprises with small brands and short of funds may also find it difficult to gain. Instead, they may fall into a vicious circle of broken capital chain

more small and medium-sized enterprises need B2B e-commerce platforms with relatively low prices and suitable for their own business development. The professional B2B business search engine, with the product positioning of "better understanding of business opportunities than Baidu and better understanding of search than Alibaba", and the "b2b+ search" mode, caters to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises' online search marketing and enterprises' B2B e-stores. While setting off a vertical search fever in the industry, it has also won the favor of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the network application field of small and medium-sized enterprises with its characteristic services

Mr. He believes that in the current environment, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure is a quality that all enterprises should particularly maintain. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises. Only by taking advantage of the low investment and high efficiency of B2B e-commerce and selecting the right e-commerce platform in time can they turn passivity into initiative and crisis into development opportunities

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