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How to successfully enter the U.S. market for household chemical hoses

in order to improve the brand effect, the decorative outer packaging of household tubular products is also being innovated. Therefore, its suppliers must face greater competitive pressure

the products loved by ordinary consumers are all beautifully designed and easy to use in life. The tubular packaging, including skin care products and toothpaste, is popular because it meets such conditions. Similarly, consumers will have the idea: what will the new product bring to me? This idea further urges manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products to continuously launch the latest products and packaging, but they must not increase costs. In order to achieve this goal, manufacturers must continuously carry out research and development for packaging suppliers, so that they can spend the least money and get the most

beautifully decorated tubular packaging products are easy to attract attention

freehold resources in New Jersey mainly provides packaging customers with contact services with global suppliers. Mr. Kelly Barry, manager of the company's market research department, acknowledged that Asia does have potential threats and competitiveness. However, he also believes that foreign enterprises that want to expand their tubular packaging market can only have a set of standards referred to by American suppliers. Mr. Barry has more than 20 years of working experience in the U.S. tubular packaging industry. He pointed out that Europe's innovation tendency towards packaging has a positive role in promoting its business. Almost all tubular packaging production equipment, from design, development to manufacturing, European tubular packaging enterprises attach great importance to it. They listen to customers' opinions and work closely with equipment manufacturers, making them well deserved to be the pioneers of the industry. However, Asian suppliers have different business requirements. Mr. Barry continued: Asian tubular packaging suppliers have strong imitation ability in developing products. They are eager to become a global supplier and try their best to meet customer requirements

in terms of aluminum tubes, there are great price pressures from South America, Europe and Asia. For this reason, Mr. Barry suggested that domestic suppliers should control the cost by reducing the scrap rate and increasing the output, fulfill the promised delivery conditions, provide customers with the best service, produce more economically, plan better, and establish better cooperative relations with overseas competitors

for the American plastic pipe packaging industry, the main impact comes from the price pressure in Asia. Mr. Barry's suggestions to domestic suppliers are: try to shorten the delivery time, limit the cost, and improve the service level for smaller customers while focusing on major customers. As a matter of fact, the hose packaging supplier in the United States wants the domestic construction aluminum market demand to decline; On the other hand, the excess capacity of the construction aluminum profile industry is larger than that required by customers. Therefore, Mr. Barry speculates that enterprises with a wide processing range are easier to attract customers

according to Mr. Barry, Asia provides lower costs for customers of tubular packaging. In the production of extruded tubular packaging, the delivery time in Asia is often shorter than that in the United States. However, they do not pay much attention to innovation, but rather pursue customer satisfaction

increasingly fierce overseas competition

in the past decade, overseas packaging suppliers have been following in the footsteps of their North American competitors. In recent years, this competitive pressure has become increasingly obvious. Manufacturers of household cosmetics, personal care products and perfume are increasingly turning to cooperation with overseas suppliers, such as China, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Costa Rica, because the labor cost in these countries is lower than that in North America. Seeking packaging resources from these countries is cheaper and faster than purchasing the same packaging resources from European and American manufacturers. This situation causes more and more packaging suppliers to face the pressure of competition, so most manufacturers must adjust their core trade strategies; On the other hand, in order to maintain their interests in the overseas market, they also need to cooperate with overseas companies

for end users, the time from ordering to delivery of household tubular packaging products is long, which has not been solved for a long time. Insiders said that this impasse was caused by large toothpaste manufacturers such as PG and Colgate. They made breakthroughs in the design and development of catalysts and new products. The project developed a slurry polyethylene catalyst PSE (1) 00 with independent intellectual property rights. The product has a large number of customers, and the product also occupies most of the global market, This forces other companies to seek markets outside these markets. Of course, these reasons are not the most important, but ordering and price from overseas are the fundamental

Mr. Christopher white, general manager of Walpole's packaging filling company, said based on his observation that the current companies are looking for partners with faster delivery time and cheaper price overseas, which is the market trade model of the capital society. The bottom line for the U.S. is that we must try to make the delivery time faster and produce tubular packaging with modern patterns that are better than our competitors, and the weight reduction value is relatively large. Mr. White added: usually, the cost of establishing a production line is more than 10million US dollars, so I can't imagine that foreign companies will invest such a large amount of money in the new production line unless they receive a large entrusted task from domestic companies

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