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How mirror ink brings high-quality printed matter

mirror photochromic ink is a kind of mirror ink with special effect. The ink is printed on transparent plastic material (back) and uses the principle of light interference on the front. The color of the ink changes with the change of viewing angle, playing the role of laser effect. Printing in a variety of substrate materials can get a unique sense of color and advanced sense. Here are some printing experiences of mirror ink: 1 First of all, we should understand that the mirror ink is as thin as water, and the printing technique is the key. When the printing speed is slow, on the one hand, the mirror ink as thin as water will leak out of the plate. On the other hand, the mirror ink is easy to absorb moisture in the air, and the mirror effect obtained after printing is still not good. Therefore, during printing, the mirror ink must be continuously and quickly printed after it is poured into the plate to complete the smooth printing, That is, the speed of checking the workpiece while printing will affect the printing effect, such as blocking, ink printing failure, slagging on the plate, etc

2. When printing mirror ink, the ambient temperature and humidity are very important. Because the ink is easy to dry on the plate, it cannot be silk printed under the air circulation, otherwise it is very easy to block. When the air humidity is high, the mirror effect is poor. Therefore, during silk printing, air flow and humidity should be avoided as much as possible

3. As the ink is as thin as water, you should choose high mesh silk. Not only that, the hardness of the rubber scraper should be harder, which can be more than 80O. The product makes up for the gap in the field of high-end profiled copper strip in China

4 Mirror ink must be fully stirred before use, so that its aluminum powder and resin should be fully mixed to ensure the appearance of mirror effect, otherwise, it will affect the production of mirror effect

5. The tension of the version is slightly lower, the distance is also adjusted closer, and the scraping pressure of the scraper is appropriately reduced, otherwise the generation of mirror effect will be damaged

6. During mechanical printing, the ink returning knife used should not be made of hard aluminum or stainless steel, but should be made of colloidal ink returning knife to ensure that the mirror ink for silk printing is evenly coated and the mirror effect is consistent

7. The mirror effect of mirror ink is related to the drying method. In terms of mirror effect, natural drying is not as good as heating drying. Note that the heating temperature and drying time should be consistent, otherwise the mirror performance and color saturation will be different

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